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'Presidential Level' Security for Anthony Fauci to Remain 'Indefinitely' Senators Told

Why is Anthony Fauci one of the most protected men on earth?

The retired Doctor is to continue receiving round-the-clock protection at taxpayers expense whilst those he's killed or injured receive nothing.

Anthony Fauci former head of the NIH and one of the architects of the 'pandemic' will continue to receive what is described as 'presidential level' security to the tune of nearly half a million dollars a year, and will continue to receive it 'indefinitely'.

Questions are being asked as to why the retired doctor is getting the sort of protection normally reserved for Presidents and their families, when, from the outside at least, Fauci never held such high status. The 'close protection' team go everywhere with the retired doctor, with two riding in his vehicle and another four in a second vehicle behind. Fauci's vehicle is reportedly bulletproof with the security detail heavily armed with both pistols and assault rifles.

Fauci's wife and children are also afforded the same protection, with their house under guard 24 hours a day at a cost of $480,000 per annum. Fauci's house reportedly also contains an underground bunker that the entire family can retreat to in the event of an 'emergency'. The house is said to be worth $2.2 million but with an underground bunker could be worth considerably more.

Fauci appears to think that someone is out to get him and appears paranoid. Now a top Republican has accused the former White House COVID advisor of trying to get 'sympathy' by claiming extremists want to kill him and he is the target of death threats.  

During the publicity tour to promote a new book, 83-year-old Fauci recently said he is scared 'deep down, that there's a possibility that somebody's gonna kill me.' Somewhat bizarre thoughts for a man who supposedly doesn't have anything to hide and, in his words, 'saved millions of lives'.

But that is just a strategy to 'develop empathy and sympathy' and paint 'Republicans as creating this danger,' Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told Dr. Fauci, who has an estimated $11 million net worth, is constantly surrounded by US Marshals whether he is at home or going to TV studios to film interviews.

Over the weekend he was spotted arriving back at his home in the Washington D.C. area in workout gear after getting out of a black government SUV. At least six US Marshals were seen with a fleet of vehicles parked in his neighbourhood, ready for whenever he leaves his property.

Their Marshals pin badges are clearly visible, and they are on call all times of day for when he needs to travel.  'The only other person probably getting his level of security would be the president, vice president, maybe cabinet members, and a few members in leadership in the House and Senate,' Paul told

'And he's getting this while not in government anymore,' Paul continued.  'Giving Dr. Fauci taxpayer-funded US Marshal protection after he is no longer an employee of the federal government sets an expensive precedent for future former employees,' David Williams, President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance told

'Dr. Fauci was the highest paid employee who now has a very generous pension estimated at more than $400,000, Now he continues to cost taxpayers money. With an estimated net worth of more than $11 million.

Fauci has reportedly made millions more out of patients for vaccines that he helped develop at his time as head of the NIH, something that he has repeatedly refused to disclose or even admit to owning.

'Dr. Fauci can afford his own security detail. Taxpayers paid for his mishandling of COVID-19, they shouldn't continue to pay.' said Paul.

Paul, who himself has received many death threats despite having nowhere near the same detail, has been incredulous over public praise for the doctor. He is pushing for him to be held accountable for suggesting policies like social distancing and masking, which he later admitted were not rooted in science.

"He wants to develop empathy and sympathy. He wants to paint Republicans as creating this danger. I've had 34 death threats in a week before. I have had death threats as soon as this last week," Paul said. "So we get them all the time, and nobody picks me up in a limo and takes me to where I want to go every day."

The former White House chief medical advisor received fawning praise from the hosts, with Whoopi Goldberg bestowing the title of 'classiest' guy in Washington, D.C. onto Fauci. Previously Paul has raised questions over why a non-government official gets these perks, and asked the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to investigate. 

That probe later revealed that US Marshals took over Fauci's protective service in January 2023, and the recent images of the doctor with his detail indicate taxpayers are still on the hook for protecting the pandemic patriarch. 

In contrast many of the vaccine victims and their families also get death threats, but they, of course, don't have a private army to protect them.

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