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Police Investigating Covid-Deaths in Devon Care Home

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Police are undertaking what they describe as a "complex" investigation of three deaths related to coronavirus in a Devon Care Home.

The Holmesley Care Home in Sidmouth, Devon, had reported it had a "high number of positive cases" and that three of its residents had subsequently died. It said the "vast majority" of residents and staff had received the first dose of vaccine, but it is unknown if the three who died had received it, or which vaccine it was.

For deaths to be actively investigated by the police there would have to be suspicion of the cause, but police have not given any details as to what those suspicions may be. Ch Supt Dan Evans only stating that his officers were trying to "progress the investigation as quickly as possible" while maintaining the safety of all involved.

Police are leading the investigation in partnership with the Care Quality Commission, and are currently awaiting post-mortem results on one of the deceased people, while investigations concerning the other two deceased continue.

Welford Healthcare, which owns the care home, said it was "devastated" and that they were "working closely" with authorities to "halt the spread of infection" and investigate how the virus entered the home.

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