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Police Attack 'Medical Tyranny' Protestors as they Attempt to Confront MHRA Over Vaccine Deaths

Protestors fighting against the high vaccine death rate today took their fight for justice to the offices of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) headquarters in Canary Wharf.

The medicines agency have point-blank refused to enter into any dialog with the public of any sort, or to answer any of the very serious questions raised by the shockingly high number of deaths and serious injuries caused by Covid vaccines.

Frustrations were clearly brimming over and campaigners attempted to get into the building only after the organisation had told the protestors that no-one was prepared to answer any questions or to discuss their actions, choosing to hide in the building from where the vaccination programme has been run from during the last eleven months.

Police were called around 1pm after it was clear that protesters were in force outside the MRHA Headquarters. Scotland Yard Officers who had been policing the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations were redeployed to the office block in Canary Wharf to protect the Technocrats hiding within.

Protestors were then set upon by the police who used violent tactics to repel what were peaceful protests until that point. Several arrests were made with Police claiming that the protestors were "trespassing on private property" however, the MRHA is a very swanky government building, paid for entirely by public money, not private property as they claim, the very opposite of private in fact.

Vaccine deaths continue to climb at an alarming rate with nobody being held responsible and more protests have been planned for the near future.

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