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Plans to Mandate Face Masks, Social Distancing, and Working From Home to ‘Save the NHS’ Again

Groundhog Day. Ministers plan to impose the same restrictions as 2020 within weeks.

Plans to bring back mask wearing, social distancing, and working from home have been drawn-up by Ministers to "ease pressures on the NHS" with the measures likely to be imposed within weeks. The Health Security Agency have already issued statements calling for Britons to start adopting the measures again, and whilst they are only 'advisory' at present, the Ministerial plans are not, they will be mandatory, just as they were in 2020.

According to the official narrative "the NHS is facing record winter pressures due to rising rates of Covid and flu, staff shortages and too few beds, while experts fear an Omicron sub-variant will drive a surge in infections, piling even more pressure on the already-crippled health service."

A whitehall insider has said that the plans could well be implemented within days if the situation in the NHS continues.

Health chiefs and scientists have been busily briefing the media with tales of the apocalypse since well before Christmas. These have been almost word-for-word identical to the spurious claims made in 2020 with the same 'solutions' being demanded, even though every single one of them has been debunked over and over again.

Face Masks are utterly useless. Even the N95 mask, created for building dust, cannot stop Covid. Simply put, if an oxygen molecule can get through, then a virus molecule can too, they're the same size. Social distancing, like face masks, has no basis in science either, but that didn't stop the mindless rules being enforced by mindless officials before, and will be again unless the public resist.

Now, three years on from the start of this madness, ministers are readying plans to impose masks, social distancing and work-from-home because the health service “is at risk of collapse”.

NHS bosses, who clearly loved the power and adulation that came with Covid, have been warning the crisis will continue to Easter. A 'crisis' brought about by their obsession with a fake test and a mild flu virus.

According to health bosses the NHS is in the same position now as it was in 2020, before a single vaccine was even given, and yet, in the face of utter humiliation over the vaccine's effectiveness, the very same health bosses are calling for the public to get 'boosted' again, after the 'incredible success of Covid Vaccines"

The annual winter crisis is being used as an excuse to reintroduce Covid-era restrictions. Restricting people's movements is at the core of both Covid mandates and climate mandates. funny that.

A “well-placed” source told the i that there is a “list of potential measures” under consideration. They said: “Softer, less intrusive measures could soon be introduced if the NHS is at risk of collapse. While the guidance is for people who are ill to wear face masks if they leave their homes already, it may well be that the wearing of a mask could again be the guidance for all those using public transport.” The gradual introduction of measures is what happened last time. They were advisory at first, then mandatory only in certain settings before suddenly becoming compulsory in all settings, with anyone breaking the rules being liable to arrest and fines.

We must not let these restrictions be imposed on us again. They are a con. Politicians are testing the levers of control with permanent crises that always appear to only be 'solved' by robbing us of our freedoms.


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