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Peter Daszak is All Smiles as Fauci Awards Him Another $650k to Research Bat viruses

Fauci awards his mate even more US tax dollars to 'research' bat coronaviruses.

EcoHealth Alliance, run by British zoologist Peter Daszak is a private company that does research for pharmaceutical giants. This research includes 'gain of function' research where scientists soup-up viruses to make them more deadly to so they can then find a cure that the drugs company can sell to the public. Yes, really.

Peter Daszak, along with Anthony Fauci, is at the very heart of the 2020 pandemic, but has so far escaped any criminal or federal investigations. Now it has emerged that not only is Daszak not being held accountable for his part in the last two years crimes against humanity, it is very much business as usual and he is still profiting from it.

The grant was awarded last month by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is still run by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci has repeatedly denied that NIAID funded Daszak's gain of function research, even after it was ordered to be stopped by Barack Obama, and here is clear evidence that he lied to Congress.

EcoHealth Alliance is said to have received $60million (£53.5m) in federal cash over the past decade. Some of this money was funneled straight to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Daszak’s group, which bizarrely evolved from a save-the-manatees non-profit to a top champion of viral gain-of-function research as it chased federal funding, has long been at the centre of questions about the origins of Covid.

The lengthy report that was published in Vanity Fair, based on dozens of interviews and more than 100,000 leaked internal documents, detailed how EcoHealth operated in a world of “murky grant agreements, flimsy oversight, and the pursuit of government funds for scientific advancement, in part by pitching research of steeply escalating risk”.

In 2014, the National Institute of Health approved a $3.7million grant to EcoHealth titled Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence, the purpose of which was to create a sort of pandemic early-warning system.

The research involved gathering bat coronaviruses in China and studying them at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), as well as mixing components of SARS-like viruses from different species to create a novel chimera that was able to directly infect human cells…

Facing a funding shortfall when certain grants expired, EcoHealth in 2018 submitted an even more ambitious research proposal to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.

The plan titled Project DEFUSE involved partnering with WIV to engineer bat coronaviruses to be more deadly, by inserting genetic features that are similar to those found in SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid. In their response, DARPA officials slammed the plan as risky for failing to address significant ethical legal and social concerns, refusing to issue the $14.2million grant. However, that didn't stop Fauci or Daszak who simply funnelled the money through other means burying the true intent through obfuscation.


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