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Passports Don't Work but Should be Adopted to Coerce Young People into Getting Jab Say Technocrats

And this isn't even the 'nudge unit' but by a group with links to Pharmaceutical companies.

'Vaccine passports do little to stop coronavirus transmission at festivals, but should still be considered anyway to increase vaccine uptake in young people, scientists advising the Government have said. It’s the first time advisers have admitted the vaccines do not prevent transmission but have argued the illiberal policy should be adopted purely to coerce people to do something for their own benefit.

Another group of scientists advising the government, this one called the Environmental Modelling Group (EMG) is STILL lobbying for vaccine passports, purely because they can be used to coerce the young into have a vaccine they don't need.

Among the group is Sir Jeremy Farrar from the Wellcome Trust whose has links to vaccine manufacturers, Wuhan labs and Anthony Fauci; Professor Paul Kellam of Imperial College who also happens to own a company (Kaymab Ltd) that "provides novel solutions to vaccine development" according to their sales literature, and Professor Wendy Barclay of Imperial College who, according to Wikipedia specialises in 'physiology and morphology to discover novel vaccines'.

A newly released paper by them [EMG] shows that even these rule-obsessed scientists admit that vaccine passes have a “limited impact” on the spread of the virus because even vaccinated people can have 'breakthrough infections', and immunity wanes over time. This, they go one to say could actually be used as a “policy lever” to improve the number of young people being vaccinated.

The Telegraph reports The paper, which was submitted to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said: “Although vaccinated individuals are less likely than others to be infectious, it is important to recognise that, whilst protection against severe disease is very high, protection against infection is incomplete and that breakthrough infections can still lead to onward transmission.

“Emerging evidence shows that protection against infection wanes over time, the longer the duration since attendee’s last Covid vaccination, the less indicative vaccination status could be of protection against infection.

“For these reasons vaccine certification, per se, is likely to have a limited impact on reducing transmission at festivals. However, it should be noted that the introduction of vaccine certification has been linked to increased vaccine uptake. “Given higher vaccine complacency in certain groups, such as youth who perceive lower risks of infection, this intervention could be an additional policy lever to increase vaccine uptake and population level immunity.”

Critics of vaccine passports have long argued that even fully vaccinated people are capable of catching and transmitting the virus and so certification should not be used to stop people from attending events or travelling. But it is the first time that Government scientists have admitted that they could be used primarily for forcing people to be vaccinated, rather than to stop the spread of the virus.

As we reported recently, although many of the pandemic restrictions have been relaxed the government have not relinquished any of the powers it gave itself under the pretence of an 'emergency' two years ago. The target is still for every single man woman and child in the UK to be hooked on quarterly mRNA therapy jabs and if they believe that vaccine passports can accomplish that then expect them to be back on everyone's phone by the summer.

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