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On Day Austria Announced Mandatory Vaccinations Just 48 Deaths Were Covid Related

All pretence that this is about a virus has gone.

Austria has become the first country in Europe to make the Covid vaccine compulsory. From February 1st, all adults will be required to have the vaccine. Germany is likely to follow and there is growing concern that the UK Government, ever opportunistic, are watching the situation before announcing a similar plan.

It appears that European governments have abandoned any pretence that any of this is about a killer plague. They've forgotten that all the measures were so we could avoid dying from a virus that was set to kill 200 million of us. 20 months on from its start and we still have not seen any signs of it. No piles of dead bodies; no people dropping dead in the streets; no health-officials in hazmat suits hosing down everything and everyone with weapons grade chemicals. We've seen nothing apart from paper-masks and nightly numbers on the news. People now realise that the reality bears no relation to the fearmongering authorities did in the beginning. Reality looking nothing like those scary videos that came out of China in early 2020. People now realise that they were just propaganda designed to plant the seeds of what was to come.

On the very day that Austrian authorities announced that vaccinations were to become mandatory there were just 48 deaths where Covid was mentioned on the death certificate. 48 deaths in a country of nine million. The Austrian government announced that they had 'lost patience' with the unvaccinated and that because of this, vaccination would be compulsory as of February 1st 2022. The announcement cited a surge in cases (when they actually mean positive tests) and failed to mention that there had been just 48 deaths were Covid got a mention. Forget deaths, this was never about deaths, this was never about health, or a virus for that matter. Covid was a McGuffin, the ultimate plot device, but quickly became irrelevant, once the story got going.

Now government's right across Europe are imposing even more extreme rules than they did last Christmas when deaths were ten times higher. If Austrians were in any doubt as to who had autonomy over their own body authorities have cleared up the confusion. It is the State. They have made that perfectly clear. Germany, never one to be outdone in the Fascist stakes, have hinted that not only will they follow suit, but may beat their neighbours to the punch, suggesting that mandatory vaccinations could start 'in a matter of days'.

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said: “Whipped up by radical anti-vaxxers, by fake news, too many among us didn’t get vaccinated. The results are overcrowded intensive care units and enormous suffering.” He said the government therefore took “a very difficult decision… that we will quickly introduce a nationwide vaccine mandate” from 1 February.

According to Austrian television, infection rate is among the highest in the continent, with a seven-day incidence of 971.5 per 100,000 people – The country of 8.9 million has reported more than 10,000 new infection cases daily, but failed to mention on average just 44 people a day are dying with Covid in the whole country.

The UK Government have refused to comment on Austria's decision but it is known that SAGE are all for mandatory vaccination in Britain having twice before suggested they should be imposed here.

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