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Offence Culture is Out of Control

It’s a modern-day epidemic, started by activists, fuelled by social media and spread by useful idiots.

Offence culture is everywhere these days. You can’t go online without seeing something about it. Have you noticed how it’s so often against the white heterosexual male for the audacity of being born that way? With the ‘offended’ person often being angry on behalf of some group of which they don’t even belong? And nearly always because the offender has transgressed some rule that said-group has created, and the rest of society knows little or nothing about.

Offence culture can give those that indulge in it a sense of power over others hitherto absent from their lives. Not dissimilar to those social outcasts in the US whose ostracising from society eventually leads them to run amok with an assault rifle to ‘get revenge’ on those who shunned them. They seek the same dopamine hit. Antifa, the 'Anti-fascist' fascists are a prime example of this.

We have created a culture where SJW’s trawl broadcast, print and social media looking for anyone who has transgressed the latest made-up rule, so they can shout ‘racist, homophobe, transphobe or Islamophobe at the poor devil who has inadvertently broken whatever rule they now champion. The misdemeanour is then amplified by the the press and social media, often to the bemusement of the offender whose only real crime is having a different set of values, or simply isn’t aware of a new vocabulary.

Offence Culture got a boast in 2007 when Tony Blair broadened the anti-discrimination laws to include Transgender people and a the subsequent Hate Crime Law that protects certain minorities from ‘Hurty Words’. Encouraged that they’re not just being narcissistic, or the antisocial ones, they now have a word, a rule or a law they can point to as ‘proof’ of the terrible crime committed against them. Public Sector workers now have to sit through a Cultural Marxist exam every two years to prove they are not a sexist, racist homophone. If you didn't realise what it was when you took it, then you're not alone, millions of people sit it every years in the NHS, Councils and Police without even realising that one of the mandatory training requirements is a political ideology, slipped in amongst the fire and manual handling courses.

Most vocal Offence Culture group are the Transgender community, insistent that they MUST be accepted as a woman despite all biological and visual clues pointing very much to the contrary. A 200lb six foot man threatening violence because nobody thought he appeared feminine is now a regular site on the internet.

They’re followed closely behind by promoter's of Islam as being a ‘special case’ (fundamentally at odds with Western laws of everybody being equal) and who have brought back blasphemy laws by the back door. These are closely followed by the Race-baiters such as Dr. Kehinde Andrews, who is the 'Professor of Black Studies' at Birmingham University who can classify anything from British history of the last 500 years as 'racist' and, invariably does, and has liken being white to a mental illness.

These three groups have recently been joined by others who have now turned their particular predilection, foible or lifestyle into another ‘special case’. So now a doctor isn’t advising an obese person about the dangers of excess weight, he’s ‘Fat shaming’. Now, you’re not warning about the dangers of promiscuity you’re ’slut shaming’. It appears that, almost weekly, a new group emerges with an axe to grind. Cultural Misappropriation was big last year, pointing at anything from Indian food to an Oriental style dress worn by a girl to her School Prom.

This new rule is then applied to everything, no matter how frivolous. Well, all except in the case of cultural misappropriation where it’s perfectly fine (and highly praised) for a black man to write a play about a white man, as in the case of Black playwright Clint Dyer whose play ‘Death of England’ tells the story of a white man (played by Rafe Spall) dealing with issues like: class, race and identity in a play about a post-Brexit world. But how can Mr Dyer know what it is to be a white man? Not being one himself, this, by Offence Culture rules, must surely qualify so where was the outcry of Cultural Misappropriation? Where was the twitter outrange? If it were the other way round we’d have had no end of fake-offence taken, but as it was not, it was deathly quiet on the outrage-front.

Professional Warbler and gender-bender Sam Smith fears always being misgendered. As they have the outward appearance, biology and DNA of a male it is probably likely they will. But this is very much our problem. For Poor Sam here has chosen another gender out of the 109 on what is an ever increasing list, and heaven forfend you guess the wrong one. For this will mean a frantic game of 'guess who?' and even more publicity for them with the inevitable twitter mob pile-on. Before the day is out, not guessing the 'Gender fluid', or inadvertently thinking he's a man just because he has a beard, will brand you a 'Bigot', 'homophobe' and most probably a 'Nazi' the go-to name for any self respecting Offence Culture group.

The likelihood is that you will get it wrong, particularly when many make no sense whatsoever, but that is probably the point. It’s a trap you’re designed to fall in, and for a Narcissist to have the spotlight on him/her/it again for no other reason than being a ‘victim’.

Photo of Sam Smith By © - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Vision News Online 2020

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