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OFCOM Go After MARK STEYN for SECOND TIME after PFIZER FILES Were Discussed Live on Air

OFCOM maintain Pfizer Papers released by federal judge are a 'conspiracy theory'.

Ofcom, the government quango set up by Tony Blair to suppress dissent, has ruled against

Mark Steyn’s former show on GB News for the second time. This Following Steyn’s first breach which lead to him parting ways with the UK broadcaster in March.

The broadcasting watchdog said today that Steyn had allowed guest Dr. Naomi Wolf “to promote a serious conspiracy theory [about vaccines] without challenge or context”. The report added there was “no scrutiny of the evidence she claimed to hold to support her claims“. GB News has now been asked to “attend a meeting with Ofcom” to discuss compliance…

The episode Ofcom are referring to was when the author and Journalist Dr Wolf discussed the released Pfizer files. These files are now in the public domain and proof that what the regulator called a 'conspiracy theory' was entirely evidential.

Ofcom do not elaborate on exactly how there could have been any additional scrutiny, other than perhaps having a Pfizer exec on the show to deny that the tranche of documents and emails released by a federal Judge were all real, or were being taken out of context in a major misunderstanding.

Ofcom state:

“We found that the comments made by Naomi Wolf had the potential to impact viewers’ decisions about their health and were therefore potentially harmful. Given that GB News did not take adequate steps to protect viewers from this potentially harmful content, we have found the channel in breach of Rule 2.1 of the Broadcasting Code. This is the second significant breach of the Code recorded against GB News. In light of this, we are requesting that GB News attends a meeting with Ofcom to discuss its approach to compliance.”

Ofcom, set up in 2001 under the Tony Blair government was specifically designed to moderate speech critical of government policy. In opposition the Conservative party maintained that it would scrap the quango, but immediately backtracked once in government. Regulating speech and the control of information in an almost identical way to George Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth' gave the government the power to entirely control the narrative. The online 'safety bill' is destined to bring Social Media under Ofcom's control as well. We could all be Mark Steyn by next year.


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