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Now Unvaccinated Football Fans are Banned From All Matches

According to a new report, the UK government is preparing to announce that football fans who haven’t received a full COVID-19 vaccination will be banned from entering stadiums as the planned vaccine apartheid moves closer.

Yesterday’s ‘freedom day’ turned out to be yet another lie. The UK was supposed to see a lifting of all coronavirus restrictions, but the Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to use the very day to announce that nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather will bar entry to those who aren't fully vaccinated with both jabs.

Now it’s being reported that the government are going after football supporters with clubs also to be told that only those who can prove they’ve had both jabs are to be allowed to enter stadiums after the season starts later this summer. “Plans are being drawn up that will require football fans to prove they have had two doses of Covid vaccination before they can attend matches from the end of September,” reports the Daily Mail.

As with Nightclubs, a negative test, or natural immunity will no longer be enough to satisfy the new rules. You will have to have had both vaccines and show proof by the vaccine passport. The government have stressed that these new rules will only come into force if coronavirus infections rates, deaths and hospitalisations are high or there are dangerous variants circulating, but as they are in charge of counting these events expect them to be reached around early September as 'justification'.

The plans are being drawn up despite the government's Events Research Programme, which conducted test pilots of crowded events, revealing "few infections linked to outdoor sports events." and not a single death or hospitalisation resulting from any of them either.

This underscores once again how, despite the UK government previously asserting vaccine passports would be “discriminatory,” medical apartheid is being introduced in order to create de facto permanent lockdown for millions of unvaccinated people.

However, there is a glimmer of hope as similar laws in France led to nationwide protests and riots which have forced Macron to back down over his plan to mandate vaccine passports for shops and venues, although it remains to be seen whether the more sedate British population will react with anything but near total compliance.

Watch the video Youtube banned for telling the truth

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