Government Mandates Double Jab to Enter Nightclubs on 'Freedom Day'

Boris Johnson announces the experimental drug, that is FOUR TIMES more likely to kill you than the virus, will be mandatory for the young by de facto.

The Prime Minister announced at today's Covid briefing that only the fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter nightclubs and other big events by the end of September.

Many appear to be surprised by this announcement, including those in the industry, with one pointing out that "Freedom Day" for them had lasted just 17 hours. This is down to the fact that they've foolishly believed everything that Johnson, Whitty, Vallance and others have told them. Perhaps they should have subscribed to Vision News.

Just six months ago, Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi ruled out the introduction of “discriminatory” vaccine passports in England. “That’s not how we do things,” he said. But we had already reported on secret plans for their implementation, they were always going to be implemented, regardless of the blatant lies.

First we had the fake news claims, with everyone saying that Vaccine Passports were a conspiracy theory and would never be implemented in the UK. Then the government said that they were 'just looking' at the idea. However an internal paper in July 2020 laid out the plan with ways around any legal challenges. In August 2020 the government said they were 'just looking' into the idea and that nothing had been decided; again, that was a lie, the same month they had put the contract out to tender, and two tech companies were selected to produce them. Still the charade continued, Michael Gove was appointed Vaccine Passport Minister the very same week he appeared on Sky News to say that there were no such things in the pipeline, with a straight face he claimed he did not no of any such plans for domestic Vaccine Passports at all.

In February of this year Boris Johnson was hinting that they may be coming but they were part of a 'range of options', in reality the software was, by that point, already in Beta testing. March, April and May saw protests about vaccine passports with over a million people marching in London against their implementation. At that point, the UK Government suggested that the idea had been evaluated and that there was not a case for their implementation. It was dead in the water.

Then, they were suddenly back on the table again with the government telling nightclubs and other large venues that it was theirsocial responsibility” to check their customers’ Covid status. “Covid status” gave the impression that a negative test or recent recovery from the virus would be enough for entry to be granted as opposed to just full vaccination, but this is the Newspeak style language the government uses at work here. The BBC reported that approximately 80% of Nightclubs weren't going to police vaccine passports. With so few nightclubs having decided ‘voluntarily’ to introduce checks, Zahawi has announced that they will be forced to do so from late September. And this time, nothing short of full vaccination will open the door for entry, barring unvaccinated Brits from all such venues. Again, this appears to be 'in response to' the reaction of Nightclubs but we reported back in April that nightclubs would be forced to police passports or face a £50,000 fine.

Nadhim Zahawi said proof that people are fully vaccinated against coronavirus will be required for them to be allowed into nightclubs and other “crowded venues” from that point. (that'll be pubs) Until then, Covid passes – which show if you are vaccinated or have tested negative for the virus – will be required, although these are not mandatory for venues to operate.

In the Commons this afternoon, Mr Zahawi said: “By the end of September everyone aged 18 and over will have the chance to receive full vaccination and the additional two weeks for that protection to really take hold. So at that point we plan to make full vaccination a condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather."