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NHS Trusts Declare Critical Incidents for a 'Crisis' of Their Own Making

Thousands of perfectly healthy NHS staff are at home, crippling services.

Multiple NHS trusts across England have declared “critical incidents” amid what is described as soaring staff absences caused by Covid-19, with health leaders saying many parts of the service are now “in a state of crisis”.

This 'crisis' is entirely of their own making. Tens of thousands of NHS staff are isolating at home, despite being perfectly well, with either no illness whatsoever, or a mild cold. Said to be caused by the Omicron variant, the NHS has created a 'crisis' out of thin air.

More than half a dozen trusts have issued alerts over “internal critical incidents” in recent days, stating that the crisis will prevent the Trusts from delivering vital care to patients. Unbelievably health leaders said the “rapidly increasing” number of absent NHS staff was piling “very serious” pressure on hospitals already struggling to cope with increasing Covid admissions and “huge wider pressure” on urgent and emergency services yet failed to mention that nobody off work due to Covid was actually seriously ill, preferring to focus on the outcome of their actions rather than the actions themselves. The self-fulfilling prophecy has promoted the NHS back to centre stage, but the 'crisis' isn't any more real than the pingdemic crisis that we had last summer.

Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers said: “We were seeing increases in the number of Covid-19 patients in London hospitals go up by 9% a day, 15% a day …  in terms of 27, 28 and 29 December" adding “Interestingly, in the last two days the increases have only been 1% and 2%, so they’ve dropped pretty significantly, so there’s a hope we might have seen a possible peak and plateau.”

Hopson claimed the biggest challenge facing many NHS trusts was mounting staff absences. 'Covid-related' staff shortages are causing havoc in many sectors, according to the government, with bins in some areas “overflowing” with waste from the festive period and schools scrambling to hire substitute teachers for the start of the new term and yet proffered no data on how many of those public sector workers sent home were actually sick.

Hopson went on to say a number of trusts across the country had declared “internal critical incidents” over the past few days. United Lincolnshire hospitals NHS trust declared a critical incident with “extreme and unprecedented” staff shortages resulting in “compromised care”.

This follows the insistence that Omicron is a threat to life requiring extreme measures of staff isolation that will knowingly cripple NHS services despite no serious illness.

Meanwhile the actual number of people admitted to hospital remains entirely normal, with no statistically significant spike whatsoever. Whilst on the very day that NHS trusts have declared a 'Covid related crisis' just 54 people died following a positive Covid test.

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