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NHS Pandemic Fraud: Covid Patients Occupy Just 6% of Hospital Beds

Spectator's Covid tracking app reveals just 6% of hospital beds are occupied by covid patients.

In the latest attempt to make the public believe that a 'covid tsunami' is coming Coronavirus "surge hubs" are to be set up at hospitals across England. The eight temporary "Nightingale" units will be big enough to house 100 patients each, and will stand empty just like the last ones did. The previous Nightingale centres were a huge white elephant, costing the taxpayer £500 Million, and treated a total of just 37 patients through the supposed apocalypse of 2020.

Meanwhile the BBC continue to publish case numbers of people with the common cold, in absence of a real crisis, saying:

"Record Covid case numbers were reported in the UK on Wednesday and NHS medical director Prof Stephen Powis said the service was on a "war footing".

"The NHS is often required to deploy extra beds over winter, but hospitalisations in England with Covid have risen above 10,000 for the first time since March. Across the UK 183,037 daily cases were reported in the latest figures, with over 900,000 cases reported over the last seven days - up 41.4% on the week before."

However, NHS England weekly admissions report reveals a very different picture to the one painted by the BBC. In truth Just 6% of NHS hospital beds are occupied with patients who have even tested positive for Covid. Even more shocking is that in January, when we were repeatedly told that the NHS was about to be overwhelmed it was in fact quieter than normal. The supposed 28,000 'Covid' patients that were in hospital beds in January weren't extra patients at all, they were simply routine patients who merely received a positive lab result. They weren't on top of normal patients, they were normal patients.

Remember, lockdowns were done to 'save the NHS', and it turns out that it didn't need saving, because it wasn't in danger. In truth the entire 'crisis' was a fraud.
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