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NHS Scotland Push to Make 'Eunuchs' a Gender for Child Abuse Fetish Forum

Website Eunuch Archive applaud the idea.

According to the documents, the National Gender Identity Clinical Network for Scotland (NGICNS) shared claims from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) that “eunuch-identified people” were under the transgender umbrella and that they are the “least visible” minority that could stand to benefit from gender-affirming medical care, the Daily Mail reported.

Following widespread mockery and outrage from the Scottish public, the government deleted the page, claiming it was published by mistake.

The apparently new gender identity come amid the controversial SNP gender reform laws which aims to allow people to 'self-id' as another gender if they live as that for an 'extended period of time'. This has led to criticism for some women's groups who believe that self-identification will bring about an end to safe female-only spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms.

However, some suspect that the internal document was uploaded to the website by someone not convinced by the Woke nonsense. The Daily Telegraph reports that health chiefs claim that the document was uploaded accidentally and have launched an investigation into the incident. “The paper was uploaded to an official NHS website as part of a consultation over proposed updates to its guidelines, which Scotland’s NHS says it currently follows,” the publication reported.

According to the document, a eunuch is one defined as “an individual assigned male at birth whose testicles have been surgically removed or rendered non-functional, and who identifies as a eunuch” and “individuals who feel that their true self is best expressed by the term eunuch.”

It goes without saying that the latter definition of eunuch is similar to the definition of woman, whom according to certain transgender advocates can be one who defines themselves as a woman.

The document recommends that eunuchs be offered surgical intervention and suggests there is a significant risk that withholding treatment from self-identifying eunuchs could cause them to carry out dangerous procedures on themselves and attempt to remove their own testicles.

Eunuchs “generally desire to have their testicles surgically removed or rendered non-functional, the document claimed.

In addition to providing recommendations for doctors and surgeons, the paper provided a direct link to a website that reportedly includes graphic and sexually explicit descriptions of child eunuchs.

The Telegraph reports that a website called the Eunuch Archive, asks visitors to choose their interests from a menu of options, which includes options like “forced castration,” and “smooth look.” As reported by Reduxx in May, a top academic named Thomas W. Johnson, a retired professor at California State University in Chico (CSUC) is one of the formative members of the Eunuch Archives, which was exposed by the publication as a child abuse fetish forum.

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