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NHS Give Jihadi Bride Hi-Tech Prosthetic Arm and Local Authority Give Her £500,000 Council House

But if you want something from either of them, you can f*** off

A British jihadi bride who lost an arm in an air strike is living in a half-million pound council house and has been fitted with a high tech prosthetic limb, The Mail on Sunday reveals.

Samia Hussein was injured when coalition forces launched an attack on a weapons store next to her home in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which was under the control of Islamic State at the time. The 27-year-old, who was a member of the terror group, joining it in 2015, was arrested when she arrived back in Britain in February 2020.

Hussein appears unrepentant and still supports the sickening ideology, when she was asked in an interview about the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, which left 22 – mainly children – dead, she described them as ‘victims of war’. Hussein flew back to Britain 18 months ago and was arrested at Heathrow Airport under anti- terrorism laws. She was released shortly after her arrest and has since been free to roam the streets of Britain, despite spending almost five years with IS. The Metropolitan Police said she had not been charged with any offence but remained ‘under investigation’ The mail online reports.

It is not known how the artificial arm was funded, but one of Hussein’s relatives said: ‘It’s from the NHS, definitely.’ which is reassuring to know considering that, for everyone else in the country, the NHS has become the Covid-only services, with some 10.5 million people thought to have now gone without treatment. Hussein however, appears to have been an exception to that rule, receiving the hi-tech prosthetic limb at taxpayer's expense in the middle of Lockdown.

But that is not the half of it: The MoS last week tracked Hussein down to the property where she is now living with members of her family in West London. A newly-built council house where similar properties in the area cost between £500,000 and £600,000.

You couldn't make this shit up.

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