NHS Doctor Reports Cartoonist to Police for 'Offensive' Tweet

The left wing activist didn't take kindly to being challenged by the Telegraph's satirist.

Rachel Clarke is a palliative care doctor, author, and left-wing activist who to-date is best known for being brilliantly dismissed by Nigel Farage during Brexit after weeks of her abuse towards him in the media.

Dr Clarke has moved her focus now to the Pandemic and, predictably for someone who loved the EU, she loves all Covid-related things. Every rule and diktat issued to the 'little people' must be followed, and Rachel spends a lot of her time in the media vilifying those not following the rules to her exacting standards.

Dr Rachel Clarke had tweeted last month about wearing masks on public transport to stop the spread of Covid-19 which received a spirited response from The Telegraph's regular cartoonist Bob Moran who tweeted:

"She deserves to be verbally abused in public for the rest of her worthless existence. They all do."

The tweet apparently broke Twitter's rules and they removed the offending post. But that wasn't the end of it as the Telegraph executives hauled Moran into the office after Clarke, who has 217k followers and tweets as @doctor_oxford, retaliated: ‘Why do you employ a man who openly abuses NHS staff, @telegraph?’

Telegraph executives didn't like the publicity and instead of just asking the cartoonist to apologise, who was tweeting in a personal capacity, they suspended the young cartoonist. Many applauded the move, not knowing Clarke or Moran’s personal story.

On the surface, Moran’s tweet may have appeared unwarranted, but what most don’t know is the years of pent-up frustration that spilled over into that life-changing, 80-character rant. In a heartfelt pinned tweet apology, published to @bobscartoons 42k Twitter followers on Thursday, he admitted he had made a mistake but felt it important to explain what for him had been the final straw.

In the tweet, headed ‘An apology to @doctor_oxford’, he wrote: ‘I regret any distress caused by my comments directed at Dr Rachel Clarke, posted on September 28 2021. It was a mistake to send a tweet suggesting that she deserved verbal abuse and I’m sorry if she received any as a result.

"I want to make it clear that I did not target Dr Clarke in my capacity as a journalist or an employee of Telegraph Media Group. I targeted her in my capacity as a desperate and angry father of a disabled child. My eight-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She has many complex needs which require input from a range of therapists and healthcare workers. She has severe learning difficulties and is very far behind academically. Life before 2020 was already extremely difficult for us as a family. Lockdown, and the other measures implemented to try to control a virus which poses no threat to children, have been devastating."

"My daughter did not see a physiotherapist, a paediatric consultant, an epilepsy consultant, an occupational therapist, an orthopaedic surgeon, an optician or a GP for the best part of two years. She was denied the right to attend school for almost an entire year. She has had to contend with people interacting with her while wearing masks, visors and rubber gloves. None of which she understands and all of which create additional problems for a child with visual impairment and speech delay. She was deprived of health benefits and pure joy normally afforded by her weekly sessions of hydrotherapy and riding for the disabled. Her mobility declined. Her mental health suffered terribly. Her seizures got to the point where they lasted so long that she was turning blue and choking to death. We have almost lost her several times."

"This is what the “public health policies” implemented by government and promoted by high-profile figures like Dr Clarke have meant for my family and many others like us. Children have died as a result of lockdowns in the UK and around the world. This is an undeniable fact and one which I find sickeningly immoral. This is why I am angry. This is why I am unequivocally opposed to all of these damaging, immoral measures and want to ensure they can never happen again."

"I do