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Let's get one thing absolutely clear from the start, THE NHS IS A SERVICE, and we pay for it through our taxes. We are your paymasters. YOU, all of you, are PUBLIC SERVANTS. You are NOT, NOR WILL YOU EVER BE, our overlords. If you don't like that idea, then we suggest that you go and work somewhere else, and pronto.

We are sick to death of your preaching, bullying, dictating, demanding, WOKE bullshit. We didn't ask for it, we don't need it and we don't want it. It is not your place to preach to us about anything, not even health, we're bemused about the former and pissed-off about the latter.

The Pandemic has proved, not that the NHS is 'the envy of the world' as you tell us but a failing, bloated, inefficient behemoth that needs to be scrapped. GPs becoming like the Scarlet Pimpernel, non-Covid patients ignored, abandoned and left to die, and the constant lie that you're being overwhelmed by a virus that killed all of 388 people in 2020 has not gone unnoticed. We see you for what you really are.

It was entirely predictable that you'd turn round and claim that you needed more money after the pandemic had subsided. But considering that 13 MILLION people went without treatment last year, and you STILL wrecked the economy, means you don't deserve a penny. You're already grossly overpaid for your contribution. Now, in the midst of all this, you have the neck to publish some woke bollocks that nobody gives a toss about, it's a sick joke.

NHS managers up and down the country are bleating that they're being 'undervalued' and that, to carry out their plans they're going to need another NINE BILLION. That plan appears to have fuck-all to do with actually treating patients, you know, those people in agony because they need hip operations, or are dying of heart failure because they've been deterred from going to hospital one too many times, and everything to do with some WOKE Marxist agenda that fundamentally changes the relationship between NHS and patient. Well you can fuck off.

The NHS has no business chasing any type of ideology whatsoever. None. Especially not things like Critical Race theory, or Transgenderism. The NHS has one job and one job only: treating the sick. Clearly you have forgotten that is what you're paid to do, well Clinicians are paid to do that, NHS managers send copious emails, talk bollocks, and push identity politics but still get paid from Taxpayer's coffers.

The NHS cannot be in financial crisis if its still employing Diversity Managers. Do you not see how ridiculous this looks to the public? Or, are you so up-your-own-arse and ideologically driven that you can't see it? Here's a quick pointer to the genius who wrote this blog: don't alienate 85% of the public you're paid to SERVE. If you worked in the private sector (and lived in the real world) you'd know that.

You're a bunch of parasites who treat the NHS like your own cash-cow whilst using it as a platform to push your Woke Marxist bollocks, and we have your number now.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
07 de set. de 2021

ABOLISH the NHS. It's UNFIT FOR PURPOSE. Replace it with a French model or that of other countries on mainland Europe and Ireland. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE............

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