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NHS 'Appropriated' Rainbow Flag According to LGBTQ Member, And They Want It Back.

A Gay illustrator has slammed NHS well-wishers for using the rainbow symbol because he thinks it belongs to the LGBTQ community.

Yes, really.

Lee Simpson, who identifies as “they” claims to have been left “Feeling weird” after seeing the rainbow being ‘appropriated’ by those thanking the NHS.

The 27 year old has designed a new five-coloured rainbow for the NHS but reckons using the six-colour Pride flag to thank them was “Washing over” the LGBTQ+ community’s struggles. Lee, from Northampton said to the Daily Star “I 100% support everything the NHS do for us, but after seeing Pride merchandise appropriated it made me feel weird. It was important for the NHS to have something just for them because it’s 100% what they deserve. They don’t deserve something Borrowed.”

Yes, Lee believes that the Rainbow was invented in the 1970s and that the weather phenomenon, painted by every child since the advent of poster paints and by artists for centuries before that, was really the invention and property of the Gay Movement.

We’ve got news for you Lee, you may want to sit down for it. You and your chums don’t have any rights over the ownership of the rainbow. Strange as it may seem, the world doesn’t revolve around Gay Pride. You also didn’t invent disco music; unfeasibly short shorts, or the Eurovision Song Contest.

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