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News Flash: Dominic Cummings Broke Lockdown Rules: But It Doesn’t F*cking Matter

The absolute hysteria over Cummings breaking lockdown rules is entirely fuelled by the mainstream British media who have been desperately searching for something, anything, they can use against him ever since he orchestrated Brexit. Their utter hatred for him is obvious. Every word they’ve ever written about him has been negative, aggressive and, lacking any perspective or impartiality whatsoever. And, sadly, a sizeable part of the public fail to look beyond the sensationalistic headlines.

When Cummings was found to have driven to his parents house for childcare there will have been a lot of air-punches in the BBC and Guardian offices. They’ll have broken out the Champagne or passed around the South African Peace Crisps at the very least. But here’s a news flash for those activists who pretend to be journalists: IT DOESN’T F*CKING MATTER. Whether he did or didn’t break the rules is irrelevant to anyone’s lives: yours, mine, or the other 68 million people in this country, and no amount of faux outrage, story hyping, or arguing minutia about rules makes any difference.

He is not the only one to have broken the lockdown, far from it, according to a survey published last week, 29 percent of Brits have reported breaking the rules and what’s the betting a large chunk of that 29 percent will be the same metropolitan bubble inhabitants who are calling for Cummings to be shot at dawn? It isn’t Cummings who should be ashamed anyway – it’s the Lockdown Stalinists who are calling for his head because he dared to visit his folks.

The Cummingsphobic Remoaners of the chattering classes have been convinced by the media that Cummings is some type of evil Disney Villain, deliberately cough his germs over vulnerable people at every service station on the motorway between London and Durham. In reality they did it because they needed assistance with childcare, which Mr Cummings’ parents provided while Cummings and his wife stayed in a separate property close by and had shopping left on their doorstep by family members. But to the media and the FBPE twitter mob, this man is now indistinguishable from Hitler. The Remoaners have been foaming at the mouth ever since the story broke, with more than a few demented souls mumbling “got the bastard” over their first wheatgrass smoothy of the day I’m sure.

Cummings had to travel to Durham out of necessity, after all, nobody would go there if they didn’t have to would they? Cummings may be a hypocrite, but that is not a crime last time I checked. If it were half of Fleet Street would be in clink. Once you realise that, you see that this is a non-story whipped up by the Anti-Brexit mob who see this as getting their own back on Cummings, who they believe is the architect of a dastardly plan to destroy their comfy middle class lives.

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News Online

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