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More Evidence That Covid-19 No Deadlier Than Seasonal Flu

That face says it all

and not even as deadly according to the facts.

Yesterday, Vision News exposed the shocking deception being perpetrated by the NHS over Coronavirus figures. We showed that Covid-19 Deaths were almost entirely misdiagnosed seasonal flu.

Now we can reveal further evidence that Covid-19, rather than the deadly plague we've been lead to believe, is not even as deadly as seasonal flu. This may come as no surprise to some who have argued this fact all along, but for some, especially those who get their news from the Mainstream Media, this may be a revelation.

According to Oxford’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine the average age of people who died from Covid-19 in England and Wales since the pandemic began is 82.4. The figure is calculated using data from The Office of National Statistics by world renowned experts at Oxford University and has been independently verified.

The figure is significantly higher than the average age reached by people recorded as dying from all other causes (called 'life expectancy') which is 81.5.

A full 40% of those who die from Covid-19 are over 85 years of age, with less than 1% being under 45. Covid deaths are all clustered together well into the eighties. This is not to diminish those deaths, but what this highlights is how Covid-19 has no effect on mortality data. in fact, inclusion of Covid-19 data will have the effect of INCREASING average life expectancy figures.

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