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MHRA 'Covered Up' Death Toll of Covid Vaccine says Top Oxford Professor

Death toll many times higher than figure given.

Britain's medicines safety watchdog was today accused of engaging in 'disturbing' practices regarding the investigation of Covid vaccine deaths.

Two prominent Oxford University researchers — renowned in the field of evidence-based medicine — branded one of the systems used to collate adverse side effects from the jabs as being a 'mess'.

A database supposedly allowing health professionals to report suspected side effects of Covid jabs as well as other medications has been exposed as a sham. Private individuals cannot log their own symptoms but have to report them to a willing GP who has to fill in the yellow card forms in his/her own time. Millions of patients don't even realise that the symptoms they experience are vaccine related, and even if they do, their GP is unlikely to accept the patient claims, meaning thousands of deaths and serious injuries never get recorded at all.

However, Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson claim that chiefs at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) invested almost £2 million in an AI-based system to extract data from the agency's Yellow Card reporting system. So far, it has seen 2,743 deaths linked to Covid jabs logged, though these are only submitted reports, not confirmed fatalities.

The contract, reportedly paid to data-tech company Genpact in September 2020, aimed to create a better system to process Yellow Card reports relating to Covid vaccines.

Yet the pair of experts, writing in their own blog, said "we can't find a single analysis or publication' from the AI-based system's involvement."

They also highlighted how minutes from a meeting of the MHRA's expert advisory group on Clinical Trials, Biologicals and Vaccines in October 2020 has yet to be released due to advice being 'confidential' until 'a final decision is made'. Professor Heneghan and Dr Jefferson wrote: 'What are we to make of all this?

"Contradictions galore and the absence of a gizmo to identify deaths. Yes, deaths, not arcane events."

'Obfuscation and fragmentation sounds like a Cold War thriller, but we are the payers and recipients of the products licensed by MHRA.

'Where is the taxpayers’ money gone, our money, if they have to manually collate reports, and where are at least the late summary reports? What final decision is the MHRA referring to?'

Covid vaccines, which have been rolled out in their millions, have repeatedly been proven to be, overall, both safe and effective in preventing people from becoming severely ill as well as stopping the endless lockdown that crippled the nation.

Although the MHRA Yellow Card data lists reports of Covid vaccine deaths, the latest confirmed official count of jab fatalities stands at just 77. This even includes Brits who died after being struck down with a blood clot which is still being called "extremely rare' even though thousands have reported the same thing, and it was quietly removed from the market due to its death rate.

These deaths, as well as any other harms, are meant to be picked up by the MHRA's Yellow Card reporting system, where the public and medics can report any suspected side effects from Covid jabs and any other medication. The MHRA originally claimed they were investigating the Yellow Card reports, only to then admit that they were not, because there was 'no need'.

The MHRA said the blog contained a number of inaccurate claims. A spokesperson said the AI-based system aimed to streamline how reports were processed, not perform any analysis. 'The AI tool was introduced to reduce the amount of manual coding for each report, thereby saving resource in processing cases and ensuring they are rapidly available for scientific analysis,' they said.

'The tool was not used for assessment of data, but to help ensure that all the information from the reporter is well structured to support analysis and subject to robust quality assessment. ' They added the AI tool is now no longer in use as per the terms of the contract.

The MHRA spokesperson also robustly denied the body was unable to identify and follow-up deaths reported from Covid vaccines, stating a dedicated team of scientists ensure 'all fatal reports are followed up'.

They also highlighted how the MHRA had published regular reports on Yellow Card data covering Covid vaccine injuries throughout the pandemic.

Jab-injuries in the UK have come under increasing focus after families of those killed or disabled by VITT decided to take AstraZeneca to court over the harms they have suffered. The issue has also highlighted what campaigners have labelled the 'cruel flaws' of the Governments own vaccine injury scheme which only dishes out £120,000 under a strict eligibility criteria.

It has been proven that patients rarely associate subsequent events with vaccine side-effects, and if they do their GP is unlikely to agree, and even less likely to take the time and effort to record it on the yellow card system, resulting in only a fraction of the true number ever being recorded. Those few that are do not get followed up, and no proper analysis is performed.

* The MHRA receive over 70% of its funding from the drugs companies it is supposed to be regulating.


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