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Met Office Boss Came From MOD Cyber Warfare Unit and Knows Nothing About Weather

Met Office head who issued the first ever red weather warning is an expert in Cyber information; digital warfare and knows how to blow shit up.

Penelope Endersby was appointed as Chief Executive of the Met Office in 2018, but is not a meteorologist and has no background in weather predictions whatsoever. Before being appointed to the Met Office, Endersby led the cyber and information systems unit at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory for the Ministry of Defence.

Enderby's Red Extreme Heat Warning (reminiscent of Chris Whitty's Covid warning) claims that 2 hot days in summer are climate change, even though their own charts show that it is hot air from the Sahara that is actually the cause.

Enderby, dressed in a bizarre two piece outfit and talking in a child-like voice, issued the Red 'Extreme Weather Warning' Friday, and reportedly attended COBRA , the government's National Emergency Cabinet Meeting on Saturday.

Enderby was head of the DST's Cyber Warfare division who were reportedly responsible for the Covid 'disinformation' campaigns waged against the public during the pandemic. Not a meteorologist, Enderbys expertise in cyber warfare.

The Defence Science and Technology Dept, which includes Porton Down, is described as 'Defence Science and Technology (DST) works under the direction of MOD’s Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) to maximise the impact of science and technology (S&T) for the defence and security of the UK. DST sets overall direction for S&T, shapes policy to maximise its impact, and sets priorities for international, cross-government and academic engagement and manages the interface with all S&T customers. It also commissions MOD’s core research programme, which is delivered by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), industry and academia.'

She appears, on the face of it, totally out of place for weather forecasting, and much more suited for waging another war on the British People based on the Climate Change lie.

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