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Men are Guilty of Sexually Harassing Women Just by Sitting in the Same Room as Them Claims Top Cop

Women suffer sexual harassment simply by being in a room with men, a leading police chief has claimed.

Deputy Chief Constable Maggie Blyth, the officer in charge of tackling violence against [women], said sexism remained a major problem within many forces as well as the wider society.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms. Blyth – who was appointed to the national role in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard – said all female officers would have been subject to some form of sexual harassment during their careers although did not provide any evidence to back up her claims.

Asked if she had been subjected to sexist behaviour while serving in the police, she replied: “I think any woman in any profession will say that they’ve experienced sexual harassment absolutely everywhere. But I’ve been massively supported in my role. I wouldn’t be doing the job I’m in if I didn’t believe in policing.”

Asked to describe what incidents she had experienced, she said: “This is not about me, but I think sexual harassment is about sitting in rooms where you have more male officers than women. Where you’re in a male-dominated environment for any woman – that’s always challenging.”

The interviewer failed to pick up on the astonishing accusation, or to challenge Ms Blyth to explain why she was conflating sexual harassment offenses with a men's mere existence. But then the BBC are always pushing this type of attack on white hetrosexual males, their favourite hate figure.

This, in case you'd missed it, has little or nothing to do with women's safety and everything to do with the vilification of men. It's more identity politics dressed up as policing. To accuse an entire gender of being sexual predators is disgusting and this woman should be sacked, along with any other police officer who thinks it's acceptable to vilify 50% of the population in some unhinged rant and get away with it.


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