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Video: Police Visit Woman for 'DISRESPECTING PEADOPHILES' on Youtube

"Just had the Police here for being untoward about paedophiles."

The thought police have been at it again. This time visiting the home of Women's Rights campaigner Kelly J Keane (known to many as Posie Parker). Police Officers from Wiltshire Constabulary were seeking to enter her property, without a warrant, following a report that Keane had posted some hurty-words about peadophiles.

The officers claimed that Keane had been reported for a 'criminal offence', but could not specify exactly which crime she was supposed to have committed. Mrs Keane asked if she was being accused of a 'Hate Crime' or a 'non-crime hate incident' but, again, the officers appeared to be vague about what law she was supposed to have broken. When Kelly J asked what specifically she had done that would warrant two police officers to come to her house the officers responded:

"You have been untoward about peadophiles on Youtube"

There was a time, and it wasn't that long ago, that being a Peadophile was seen as the lowest of the low, and a criminal offence to be one. Now, however, the police don't bother with chasing after these sick individuals in modern Britain, but rather try to convict anyone who says anything bad about them.

The world has officially gone mad.


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