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MEANS-TESTED State Pension on Horizon as Labour Starts Government by Targeting the Elderly

The Labour Party kicks off in government with an old favourite of the socialist: Robbing old people of their savings.

The state pension could become means-tested under the Labour Government according to one of Kier Starmer's top policy advisors. 

In a depressingly predictable development, gone is the pre-election cry of making the mythical 1% pay for everything, replaced by the reality of all socialist governments.  Tax, tax and more tax.   

The doublespeak began in earnest yesterday as the new chancellor of the exchequer, Rachel Reeves, declare that she would make everyone in Britain 'better off' at the very same time as eyeing up taking away thousands of people's state pension.

Sir Edward Troup, a former executive for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) who has been advising Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, said "action has to be taken on pensions." 

In its first day in office The labour party has gone after the state pension, claiming that their needs to be radical reform, and that too many old people are getting it when they (the Labour party) think that they shouldn't.

Out goes the idea that the State Pension being right that is earned as part of a social contract between citizen and government, replaced by the far more hostile and less understood notion that it's a 'benefit' which not everyone is eligible to receive.

Millions who have paid National Insurance contributions all their adult life believing it to be towards their pension are about to get a rude awakening. 

Labour are about to tell millions of pensioners that they have no automatic right to a state pension and, what is more, that they never did.

The public have, for well over 100 years now, been lead to believe that the State Pension is a right, not a privilege.  All that is about to change.

Everything has been a deception, a misinterpretation rooted in the public's lack of knowledge. While government publications may suggest that mandatory national insurance contributions fund the State Pension, it doesn't guarantee that the government will fulfill this obligation. This is particularly true for a socialist government such as Labour, known for historically depriving the elderly of their rightful funds.

If you claim a state pension yet live in a house with no mortgage, a Labour government could be about to refuse you the state pension.   Called 'means testing', the reality would be authorities forcing you to sell your home to survive,

As it stands, Britons need to have 35 years of National Insurance contributions under their belt to get the full new state pension, but Labour are already looking at ways to renege on that deal.

The HMRC, now under Labour control,  is caling for the state pension to be means-tested, saying that 'pensioners are more likely to have accumulated sizeable wealth than those who are younger.'

"It's a benefit which you've earned, but in a sense, we've earned all our benefits by paying tax and being members of society," Sir Edward said. "We can all think of the wealthy individuals in this country and say, well, do we think he or she should have a full state pension?" he added. 

The Labour spokesman said that a "debate needs to be had" and means-tested could be a solution to address the issues surrounding public expenditure. adding: "It's not easy and I don't hold a particular view about how we deliver something which I think, should be delivered.

"My generation, the pensioners' generation, if they've got income, if they've got means, should be contributing at least as much, and possibly more than those people who are working, bringing up families and are really contributing now to that country.'"

Why do Socialists hate old people so much?

Well, they don't specifically hate them as such, but they do hate old people having money. Surprisingly, this obsession with the having wealth all goes back to Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto.

Karl Marx and Joseph Engels advocate for the elimination of inheritance. ALL forms of inheritance: This is a fundamental tenet of Marxism. Marx believed that all forms of wealth should not be permitted to accumulate and should never be inherited by offspring. Money, property, and land should be transferred to the state. This foundational principle has been central to Socialist ideology since Marx first articulated it in 1847.

Once you know the motivation you can readily see how both tax-law and social care are structured around depriving people for handing on any wealth to their children.  All of Labours plans are facing that direction.

This obsession with inheritance is also what is at the root of the WEF's "you will own nothing and you will be happy" idea. If you own nothing when you die you can't pass on anything to your children. A new spin on a very old idea.

Pensioners beware.


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