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Masks and Social Distance OR Vaccine Passports - SAGE Play the Long Con

Now we know the end game

Whilst Boris Johnson's Easter Monday Covid Briefing was given an inevitable positive spin by the BBC, satisfying the Proles with news about pubs re-opening, there were some altogether more disturbing events going on that were not covered. The perpetrators of those events standing either side of Johnson, replete with smug expressions and knowing smirks.

SAGE released their own briefing yesterday and it was full of doom laden predictions of fourth waves, mutations and thousands of deaths even after they've forced everyone to have a vaccine. Their solution for all this? Mask wearing, social distancing and more lockdowns.

In the paper released on Easter Monday the 'experts' claim social distancing and masks must remain in place for another year at least to avoid another wave of hospitalisations and deaths at levels seen in January, despite vaccine arrival stating:

"Social distancing will remain in place until next year even if Boris Johnson‘s roadmap out of lockdown goes to plan, the Government’s top scientific advisers warned today." going on to say "sources said that while the vaccines prevent the vast majority of people from falling ill and dying from coronavirus, they “are not good enough” to see all curbs lifted “without a big epidemic”.

The Government's 'road map' out of lockdown has implied that ALL measures will end by June 21st but those who think that includes masks and social distancing will be very sadly disappointed. If these two measures are to be removed they will simply be replaced by a-another measure like vaccine passports or constant testing.

SAGE now refer to Face Masks and Social Distancing as 'baseline', in other words the very minimum they will accept. It was they who said these would be the new normal, knowing full well that once they'd got them imposed, they will NEVER relinquish that power. Commentators who have been closely monitoring SAGE are now convinced that the public will be conned into vaccine passports by saying it is a way to get rid of masks and social distancing. In reality, just swapping one dystopian regulation for another.

They dismiss the vaccine as a panacea, contradicting what they had said before it arrived. Now they claim vaccines are "not good enough” to see all curbs lifted. Claiming "The AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines reduce Covid deaths by about 90%, but there are fears high infection rates could see the virus spill into the small number of vulnerable people who haven’t been jabbed or for whom the vaccines don’t work." That, in case you missed it, is the Zero Covid strategy that SAGE have repeatedly denied they are pushing.

By continuing to impose masks and social distancing when it is clearly not needed SAGE are able to sell vaccine passports as a solution to the problem. Presenting a false dichotomy as a way we can get back to normal, a way of dispensing with masks and social distancing and getting our lives back. Lives these criminals stole from us in the first place. Swopping one draconian measure for another is NOT getting our lives back. Watch the hard sell over the coming months as SAGE play this long con.

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