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Man Who Bragged About Getting the Vaccine Dead 2 Weeks After Taking it

He didn't give a 'rat's ass' for 'Anti-Vaxxers' opinions.

Kgauza wa Lecowza, a man from South Africa, regularly took to twitter to brag about getting vaccinated whilst trying to goad those he called 'anti-vaxxers' for not being as clever as him.

Just a few days before he took the booster shot he took to Twitter to say: “I’m due for my booster shot. Next week I’m phakathi. Bring that Pfizer. Inject it. We rock on. I don’t get swayed by nonsense nna. I’ll still be here next week, balling.”

Sadly for Lecowza, he was wrong, as by that time he was dead.

In another tweet he'd said:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass that it is your democratic right to have an opinion. Go have that while you take a shit. What I won’t do is engage with anti-vaxxers. Nope, I’m not going there. I’m jabbed & will get my 2nd one. When they add the booster, I’m getting that too. Easy.”

After the Jab his tweets took on a different tone, but he'd still not acknowledged that he'd been poisoned by the vaccine: “At some point the body declares enough is enough. I’m finally hospitalized. Gonna take a bit of a break from this app. Need to prioritize my mental & physical strength. Take care out there. See you soon.”

His death was confirmed by his friends and had died last Thursday.

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