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Man SHOT DEAD Counted as a COVID Death

A man shot dead in Auckland has been added to the official New Zealand Covid Death statistics.

A man who was fatally shot outside a West Auckland motel yesterday has been added to the official Covid Death count on the instructions of the World Health Organisation. Since his death, Health authorities have said that he tested positive for Covid-19 and therefore must be included in New Zealand's Covid Death tally. When journalists questioned the ridiculousness of this situation authorities replied:

"In the World Health Organisation guidelines it states 'anyone who dies whilst also having an acute Covid-19 infection must be recorded as part of the nation's death-tally whatever the cause of death might be."

This wasn't even another illness, this was a shotgun!

The New Zealand Herald reports: 'Family grieving an Auckland father shot and killed in a New Lynn driveway face further devastation - he has since tested positive for Covid-19.'

It turns out that Hart tested positive for Covid-19 AFTER he was pronounced dead, making even more of a mockery of the death statistics and authorities are now preventing his family from giving him a funeral. A spokesman told the Herald: 'Health authorities may test a deceased person for Covid-19 if their cause of death is not clear and if there is some concern that Covid-19 may be involved, for example; where there is a link to a known case or considering symptoms prior to death'

The cause of death is not clear? He was gunned-down on the street, surely that is clear enough

This is not an isolated incident, this is how many countries, including Australia and Great Britain count their 'covid deaths'. Professor Carl Heneghan from Oxford University pointed out in early 2020 how ridiculous the method for counting Covid deaths actually was. In a paper titled: "why nobody can ever recover from Covid-19.." Heneghan exposed the scam. Public Health England simply holds two spreadsheets, one with positive test results and the other with the names of dead people, if your name happens to appear in both then you are counted as a Covid death. This, PHE assured us was so they didn't 'miss' anyone. All sounds authoritative and plausible until you realise that with this method people dying from being run over or shot in the face get added to the Covid Death count. Those numbers are then splashed across tv screens to frighten people into compliance.

Why do they do this? It may well be that we would notice that there wasn't actually a killer plague on the loose if people weren't dying so adding 'Covid-19' to millions of death certificates is a surprisingly easy way of faking a pandemic.

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