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Man Arrested for 'Being British' in a British City During a Pro-Palestine Rally

A British man, in a British town, flying a British flag has been arrested for the crime of... being British.

Any other flag would have been fine: Palestinian; LGBTQA+; even a HAMAS flag would have been approved,  but in 21st century Britain, flying a union flag and exercising free speech is considered a criminal act and will get you arrested for your 'crimes'.

The man was arrested during a pro-Palestine protest in Liverpool for seemingly little other than the ‘crime’ of engaging in free speech and carrying a British flag in Britain.

If it hadn't been captured on camera, it wouldn't have been believed, however, the incident was captured on camera, by YouTuber Charlie Veitch who said: “I believe he said something to the crowd and the police have arrested him,”  although when asked, the man in handcuffs informed the Youtuber that he actually hadn't said anything before his arrest.

The YouTuber then noticed the Union Jack flag and warned the police that they risked eventually inciting a “civil war” for “arresting an Englishman flying a Union Jack when there’s people here tacitly supporting October 7th”

“It’s not our country no more, lads,” says someone off camera.

As the man is led away in handcuffs, some of the pro-Palestine supporters cheer him being bundled into a police van.

Veitch then accuses one of the officers of ‘scrunching up the flag like toilet paper’ as he carries it away. The crowd then begins chanting Antifa slogans before applauding the police for removing the protester.

One of the pro-Palestine demonstrators told Veitch that the man had run through the crowd with a British flag, which is supposedly now an arrestable offense.

It is now clear whilst Brits all over the country are being arrested for carrying Union Jacks and English flags, pro-Palestine demonstrations can fly literal terrorist slogans and nothing happens to them.

Britain has fallen.


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