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Lockdown Extended Until Late September if Leaked Budget Reports are True

HM Treasury

The current lockdown started on the 6th of January, supposedly to run for 6 weeks to 'stop the NHS being overwhelmed'. Then it turned into a 6 month lockdown for no good reason, and now is looking very likely to be for at least 9 months, if not the entire year.

Reports in the media ahead of tomorrow's budget claim that Rishi Sunak will announce the further extension of the Furlough scheme until late September which can mean only one thing: More lockdowns.

We have been repeatedly lied to by the government over the length, and reason for lockdowns. The reason seems to change week to week and the lockdown is given a timescale at the start, only to be 'forgotten' minutes after we lock our front doors.

According to the government the vaccine programme is going 'incredibly well' with Matt Hancock claiming that the drop in deaths in the elderly (down 80%) is entirely due to the vaccine rollout. If this is true, and the 'risk' is now virtually non-existent, we should be ending lockdowns TODAY, not extending them for another SIX MONTHS.

Remember, the current Lockdown was reportedly to deal with the spread caused by Christmas, with the South African variant in there for good measure. Christmas came and went three months ago, and the South African variant proved to be no worse than any other, PHE desperately tried to make that the villain we had to hide from, even going from door to door trying to find it, but again, another wild claim with no basis in truth.

Boris Johnson then applied the usual spin in his Road-Map announcement last week. What he really did was EXTEND the January Lockdown for another THREE MONTHS, yet nobody seemed to see what he did, too busy focusing on the lockdown end date, not questioning why it was being extended.

October won't be the end of this nightmare either. Because October traditionally is the start of the Flu season, which will be highjacked to claim Covid deaths are rising again, exactly as they have done this winter. Probably a 'new variant' that is 'resistant to the vaccine' will be the claimed reason that lockdowns will have to be extended still further. They only have to get us through the summer which was easily achieved last year with a load of old bollocks about R-numbers - that thing nobody gives a toss about. then we hit Autumn again and the entire lie can be recycled for another year.

Bill Gates, stated in March of 2020 that we would not get 'back to normal' until the end of 2022. Does he know something we don't?

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