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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. The State of the BBC's Climate Change Reporting

Last week the BBC ran a headline saying Antarctica had recorded its highest temperature ever. Yet more proof, so the story went, of climate change. However, this was not quite the apocalyptic event the BBC would have you believe. It was a raise of just 0.3 of a degree over previous figures, in one location, and has yet to be verified by the World Meteorological Association.

Stories such as this are produced on an almost daily basis, an endless stream of confirmatory reports designed to paint a very specific picture, and all repeated by the BBC who have long since abandoned any sort of balanced journalism in favour of hysteria and the pursuit of online clicks. The BBC will often run such stories on their news programmes back-to-back with specific Climate Emergency films, associating the two events in the minds of the viewer even if they have nothing to do with each other.

More worryingly, the BBC fails to report all of the instances, studies, and reports that tell the other side of the story. Major scientific studies, significant climate events, and work by respected scientists all get ignored in favour of a blinkered, biased narrative that serves only to perpetuate the climate change lie. The BBC are deceiving the public over Climate Change and it is affecting public opinion and even influencing Government policy.

Last year North America Temperatures broke records, with the coldest temperature ever recorded at −30 °F (−34 °C) on January 31, 2019. Wind chills got dangerously low as −58 °F (−50 °C) on January 30, 2019. The event killed 22 people in a matter of hours and the subsequent snow and ice crippled many cities across the country. The BBC reported this as weather. In fact, whenever there are record ‘cold’ temperatures, this is always reported as ‘weather’, yet whenever there are record warm temperatures this is always ‘climate change’. The difference , once you see it, is startling, blatant and deceitful.

During the Australian bush fires of 2019 the BBC repeatedly ran stories that were either biased, factually incorrect, or just plain lies. They repeated the narrative that the fires were due to climate change even though forests do not spontaneously combust. The Police, however, knew this to be nonsense as they reported arresting nearly 200 people for arson during this period.

Arson was the real cause, not invisible trace elements of Co2 hiding in the clouds. Who would have thought it? Fires are started by Arsonists! If the BBC weren’t dishonest enough they continued to suggest that Australia had ‘never seen bush fires on this scale before’. Again, completely untrue, in 1974 Australia had bush fires that were six times the size of those in 2019, The BBC didn’t bother with such trivial stuff though, preferring to perpetuate the climate-change myth and the coming apocalypse.

Not started by climate change, and not the biggest fires Australia have ever had to endure, what else you got? And no, this tragedy happening whilst Greta Thunberg talks about the house still 'being on fire' does not count.

The BBC seem to have lost all sense of humour too, If they still had one they’d have reported on the ship carrying Climate Change Activists concerned with melting Arctic ice which got stuck in that ice halfway between Norway and the North Pole.

Vision News Online

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