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Lewis Hamilton Shows His Support for Marxist Organisation BLM

Lewis Hamilton by Jen_ross83 CC Wikimedia

Whilst other sports stars have begun to distance themselves from the Black Lives Matter movement since it has been exposed as being entirely Marxist (we did try to warn you) F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has doubled-down on support for the organisation.

During today's Austrian F1 qualifiers Hamilton lead others and 'took the knee'. However, not all drivers followed suit, some preferring to think for themselves.

Hamilton has been very vocal about his beliefs, taking every opportunity to repeat the slogans, myths and one-dimensional view of history as promoted by Black Lives Matter. If you are in any doubt about Hamilton's motives you only have to glance at his Twitter page to be in no doubt that it is the organisation, and not just the sentiment, that he is supporting. His profile picture is the organisation's logo, itself derived from a Marxist emblem, whilst his posts are an endless stream of preaching, progressive ideologies and virtue signalling nonsense.

Hamilton's intolerance, together with his bias and narrow-minded view of the world only highlights his utter ignorance of history and his own hypocrisy. Even if you negate the fact that British history is not US history; that Britain was the country that eradicated slavery; that more white people were enslaved by north Africans than Blacks taken to the United States; or that it is a myth that black people are being murdered by police in this country, Hamilton appears totally lacking in any self-awareness. If there were any type of racism in F1 Hamilton would never have got to be six times world champion. Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone stating "black people are more racist than white people" is not confirmation that F1 is racist Lewis, if Ecclestone had been racist you'd never have got on the starting grid.

With a personal fortune of a reported £230m, and a Monaco tax exile, Lewis Hamilton is the perfect example of the 1% that Marxists always target. Were they ever to get any type of power it wouldn't be long before they came for you Lewis, Black or not. Rather than preaching to us about what Hollywood movies we should watch to 'educate ourselves' (because we all know how accurate and factual Hollywood movies are don't we!) perhaps you could take a little time to educate yourself. Or, if you don't have the time or inclination to do that, why not just give your entire fortune to poor Black people in the UK? after all, that is Marxism.

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