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Lewis Hamilton Loses Legal Battle with Luxury Watchmaker Hamilton International

The entitled prat

Lewis Hamilton, who recently became world champion for the seventh time at the Turkish Grand Prix, has lost a three-year legal battle with luxury watchmaker 'Hamilton International' over the brand name.

The Formula One world champion took action against the watchmaker after it registered the name 'Hamilton' as a trademark, giving them exclusive rights to use the brand on accessories across Europe. Lewis Hamilton, thought that, he, and only he, should be able to use the name, despite the luxury watchmaker having been in existence since 1892, nearly 100 years before the entitled idiot was even born.

Lawyers for the jumped-up rich-kid tried to void the application claiming it had been filed in 'bad faith,' thwarted 'fair competition', and had not even been used.

Yes really

In their reply, Hamilton International, a part of the Swatch Group, hit back with evidence that they have been selling watches bearing the name since 1892. The judges ruled Hamilton, 35, had no 'natural right' to have their name protected and pointed out the Swiss firm had been using it before he was born. In its ruling, the EUIPO said: 'The argument relating to the IP rights of the racing driver 'Lewis Hamilton' fails adding 'No bad faith can be found on the part of the EU trademark proprietor. In fact, the EU trademark proprietor demonstrated a significant economic activity in the horological field since 1892.'

Lawyers for the seven-times F1 world champion said there was concerns that the rival firm were seeking to expand into smartwatches whilst commentators said; What an entitled, self obsessed and narcissistic little prick Lewis Hamilton has turned into.

Lawyers for retailer John Lewis have yet to comment.

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