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“Let’s hope it’s a strong and virulent strain”

Terry Christian must be delighted his wish has come true.

“Let’s hope it’s a strong and virulent strain”

Nobody that saw the Tweet will forget the depravity of its sentiments. Christian was hoping that a virulent strain of flu would kill off the elderly this winter for, as he saw it, causing Brexit. He later went on GMB to reiterate his sick wishes.

Terry Christian was not alone in his views on the elderly though, many on the left, particularly the young, shared his sentiments. Femi oluwole, a left-wing activist whose narcissism is only matched by his stupidity, repeatedly pushed the idea that the elderly were not important, or were a problem, didn't deserve a vote, and whose lives did not matter as much as his and his equally selfish millennial friends.

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the elderly so severely, Christian, Oluwole, and thousands of other Remainers must be secretly relishing the devastating effect it's having.

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