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Labour Plans to Kill-off the Car to Meet the UN 2030 Agenda

A Labour election win next month will be the end of the car as we know it.   Labour will make it so difficult, so expensive, and so 'anti-social' to own one that only the privileged few will continue driving.

Labour hates the car, all socialists do. For them the car represents personal freedom, autonomy, and choice, three things that socialists everywhere hate you having. Before the car was even invented socialists were getting uneasy about the Prols venturing further than their own little town or village. No 6 in the Communist Manifesto demanded that all transport be in the hands of the State. Marx was referring to Trains of course, but the car; the ultimate symbol of freedom; would have been confiscated straight away had it existed at the time, that is for sure.

It's in their DNA

Now, nearly 200 years on from his most famous work, the exact same thing is being pushed by Marx' devotees the United Nations, World Economic Forum and soon to be Labour Government. Agenda 2030 makes it very clear that private car ownership is hated by all of them and will be stamped out under the guise of 'saving the planet'.


Look at any Communist country and you will see that one of the things people of those countries lack were cars. From Soviet Russia to Mao's China the 'workers' didn't have cars, they were reduced to bicycles whilst party officials went everywhere in bulletproof limousines, and that certainly wasn't to 'save the planet'.

UN 2030 Agenda

Since the late 1960s though, left-wing academics here have been spinning a complex series of apocalyptic stories about the planet dying, with the car always at the centre. This elaborate hoax culminated in the UN's 2030 Agenda which, what do you know?, makes you giving up your car a moral imperative.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 states:

Road Vehicles:

2020-2029 Development of Petrol and Diesel engines ends. Any new vehicles introduced from now on must be compatible with ABSOLUTE ZERO.

2030-2049 All new vehicles electric, average size of cars reduces to - 1000kg

2050 - Absolute Zero: Road use at 60% of 2020 levels through reducing distance travelled or reducing vehicle weight.

Keir Starmer is a globalist and a member of the World Economic Forum.

He prefers the one world government of DAVOS, to the democratically elected UK Parliament.

So how exactly will Keir Starmer stop you from owning a car and driving wherever you want?

By a combination of restrictions, laws, taxes and faux crises. All carefully choreographed to converge on 2030. They will all be working in lockstep, and all designed to do the same thing, eradicate the car.


it will be claimed that they are unrelated for extra deniability. Much of the preparation for this has already been done by the Conservative government and Labour councils. These include:

Movement Restrictions.

Huge restrictions on where you can go, how often, and by what means.

LTNs, ULEZ, ZEZ, and 15 minute cities will all go national.

20mph on all urban roads

50mph on duel carriage and motorways

LTNs, ULEZ, ZEZ have all been implemented by Labour councils, and, despite denial, are designed to work in unison with each other. Labour have already stated that they will be 'coming to a city near you soon' with plans to make every town and city entirely 'car-free' by 2040.

15 minute cities are set to be implemented across the country too. The 15 Minute City is the brainchild of former Terrorist Carlos Moreno who was once a member of Narco-Communist organisation M19 and quite prepared to shoot, stab, and bomb his way to a Socialist Utopia.


Massive stealth taxes designed to price you off the road

Environmental tax on new cars increased

Environmental tax on spare parts introduced


A new 'environmental' tax on spare parts for existing cars combined with an EU directive that will make it illegal to repair cars older that 15 years of age will rob the poor of personal mobility,  and if that doesn't get the great unwashed off the roads further punitive taxes based an arbitrary 'pollution' limits will see off the rest.


Ban on sale of all Petrol and Diesel cars by 2030

Ban on owning Petrol and Diesel cars by 2035

Ban on repairing cars over 15 years old

Mass Surveillance

AI Cameras with Facial Recognition

Market Manipulation

Your Insurance premiums will skyrocket if you don't comply with 'voluntary' safety measures.

Labour also plan to cajole motorists into turning on the automatic speed limiters already secretly installed in all new cars . It is claimed that they will first suggest that switching them on is entirely 'voluntary', however Vision News understands that they will force insurance companies to hike premiums for anyone who refuses to turn them on.  This will be made to sound like a 'safety' feature but is really to enforce their blanket 20mph speed limits.

Public Manipulation

The 'Nudge Unit', so successfully used to frighten the public during covid, will be redeployed to run anti-car propaganda.  Incessant stories about Climate Change; Pollution, and safety will all be linked to the car, helping to indoctrinate the public into believing that wanting mobility, personal autonomy, and free choice are all selfish behaviours that cause cyclists to feel unsafe, create climate change and kill polar bears.  The nudge unit will manipulate social media with bots and IA stories are designed to make people hate the car.

Conservatives delivered stage one of the WEF agenda, a fake pandemic to set us up for 'the new normal' with Labour set to deliver stage two - the climate emergency.

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