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Labour and SNP Add “Health Misinformation” to the Online 'Safety' Bill

Labour and SNP politicians on the committee currently scrutinising the Online Safety Bill have added an amendment that includes “health-related misinformation and disinformation” as a recognised form of “harmful” speech.

This would effectively silence any criticism of Big Pharma or Government policy, and would bury any posts about deaths or serious injury caused by Covid Vaccine. Even more alarming, anyone posting information on health that is not officially sanctioned could face criminal prosecution under the new proposal.

The terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ have grown to become part of the political lexicon in recent years. The concepts of being incorrect or misleading have been left behind for alternative terms, with loaded connotations. Yet they are malleable terms, often deployed in ways to discredit or silence another individual’s argument in the course of public debate.

Covid exposed the links between Big Pharma; the World Health Organisation; and the State with no-one being able to draw a line between where Big Pharma ends and State Healthcare begins. At the start of the scamdemic pharmaceuticals companies funded fact checkers and paid social media companies huge sums of money to protect their interests. The Online Safety Bill makes this business transaction UK Law. If it goes ahead you will be unable to report that vaccines are known to be maiming and killing people to do so would be a criminal offence with a likely prosecution to follow.

The Online Safety Bill targets free-speech in a way brilliantly described by George Orwell in his book nineteen eighty-four. The novel describes how language and facts become the targets of Big Brother who see freedom of speech and freedom of thought the enemy of society, the Neo-Marxists behind this bill think in exactly the same way as Orwells imagined villains. This isn't just a threat to free speech, it is a threat to democracy itself.


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