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"Keeping the Terror Narrative Alive" Doctor Carl Heneghan Exposes the Lies

Over a year ago, we reported that all the ducks (not a pun) were being lined up for the next round of fear-mongering.

We tried to explain the role of fear in controlling people – perhaps not a very detailed explanation – but we all experienced it and what do you expect from two old geezers?

So, if you want to gauge the way the wind is blowing, we suggest keeping tabs on what horror the UKHSA is next going to concoct, thanks to models, tabs on WHO warnings and tracking Sir Patrick Vallance’s forecasts or that well-known scientist Tony Blair.

On June 5th, the WHO announced the first case of human death by a novel strain of influenza H5N2 in Mexico, in a 59-year-old whose human contacts all tested negative and had no history of bird, poultry, mountain lion or skunk contacts. 

The 59-year-old had multiple pathologies, but the WHO did not report the viral load or testing for other pathogens apart from SARS-CoV-2, so it’s impossible to assign the cause of death with the scarcity of information reported. 

The media were quick to pick up on the WHO announcement: ‘Another Bird Flu Variant Reaches Humans: What To Know About H5N2 — After First-Ever Confirmed Death,” reported Forbes.

However, no one seems to have checked the facts. The announcement drew a firm response from Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer, who attributed the death to kidney and respiratory failure. Mr. Alcocer denied the WHO announcement that the man’s death was caused by H5N2 that had never before been found in a human: “I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organisation is pretty bad, since it speaks of a fatal case (of bird flu), which was not the case,”  Alcocer said.

Mexico is likely still bruised by being the reputed epicentre of the 2009 influenza ‘pandemic’. Whatever is going on, keep watching and prepare yourselves, as the next pandemic is inevitable given the efforts to ramp up the fear. However, a pandemic of what? We wonder.

Dr. Carl Heneghan is the Oxford Professor of Evidence Based Medicine and Dr. Tom Jefferson is an epidemiologist based in Rome who works with Professor Heneghan on the Cochrane Collaboration.

This article was first published on their Substack, Trust The Evidence, which you can subscribe to here.

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