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"Islamophobia Doesn't Exist and its Creation is an Attack on Secular Values"

Outspoken atheist Imtiaz Mahmood critiques the word Islamaphobia with a clarity that smashes the taboo.

It's not islamophobia to fear a religion that motivates people to literally behead you.

Honor killings, acid attacks, suicide bombings, blasphemy laws, beheadings, and apostasy laws are all caused by one religion.

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It's not islamophobia to fear a religion that motivates people to literally behead. - Imtiaz Mahmood

This conflict isn't only geopolitical but it's religious. Palestinians believe they are entitled to that land for religious reasons and Islam especially is quite violent when it's a religious entitlement.

Islam has not been tamed by secular values. So blasphemy laws, legal child marriage, entitlement, and indignation in a Muslim country are completely different than in a secular country.

Even in secular countries Muslims on average are significantly more devoted to their religion than others. There's no such thing as Islamaphobia, it's a rational fear to have when you hear a school teacher was beheaded in broad daylight.

Go to Gaza or the West Bank carrying an LBGT flag or Start talking about transgender rights and see what happens there. Palestinians are literally on camera rejoicing at 9/11 yet leftists believe they are for Americans. Muslims overall are less tolerant of freedom of speech, mocking, etc so even in secular countries we see such things as " Islamaphobia " because Islam is a more sensitive religion that hasn't been tamed by secular values like Christianity has. We have surveys showing Muslims in secular countries would prefer to be under sharia law.

It's clear that criticism of Christianity is considered a virtue to the left but criticizing Islam is Islamophobia. This is exactly what an intolerant religion wants.


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