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Infections Are Completely Irrelevant, and Here's Why

It is like Groundhog day. Another press conference, another set of graphs showing numerous ways of telling us infections are rising. They're rising in the north, in the south, in the east and west; they're rising in the old, in the young, in the wealthy and in the poor. Whatever cohort and location you care to mention, Vallance and Co have a graph showing infections are rising in it. An endless stream of heat-maps, data models, graphs, predictions, and diagrams, and every single one of them irrelevant.

In a pandemic (presuming you believe this to be one) the only figure you should be interested in is the number of DEATHS. Note that, whenever historians talk of pandemics of the past, they do not ever mention how many people contracted the illness, they only ever state how many people died from it. It should be the first, second, and ONLY, fact Vallance and Whitty talk about. Because, without people dying from Covid-19 in significant numbers this is not a virus that we should be paying any special attention to.

Yet deaths are hardly mentioned these days. Friday's press conference didn't even mention how many people had died that day, or in the last week. They talked about testing, and infections and implied that this imagined disaster was all our fault, but at no point did deaths get a mention. The reason being is that deaths from Covid-19, even with their gaming of the figures, remains incredibly low. 'Cases' are on the increase, but deaths are not following that trajectory or anything like it. They continue to be in double figures, and in a country of nearly 70 million people that is not a killer plague.

This 'cherry picking' of the facts has been the mainstay of SAGE for some months now. The inconvenient truth is that, once again, their computer models have been completely inaccurate. The premise for our current set of lockdown measures was that September saw an increase in infection rates, which, they assured us, would kill another 80,000 people by Christmas. But infection rates do not equal death rates. Britain is now recording ten times the amount of positive test results it was in March, so, by their logic, or at least the logic that sent us into the first lockdown, we should be seeing ten times the amount of deaths. Indeed that is what their '80,000 deaths by Christmas' refers to. But we are seeing nothing like this, as overall deaths remain below seasonal average.

Whilst the current incumbent of scientists have the government's ear this madness will just continue. An endless round of lockdown and release destroying Britain one stage further with every cycle. The destruction of an entire society based on a huge lie. The power they currently possess must be giving Whitty and Valance massive hardons (or rather it would do, but they both look the sort to be troubled by erectile dysfunction, so probably not).

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