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Increased Surveillance Powers 'Embedded' in WHO Pandemic Treaty

The World Health Organisation have released the latest draft version of their Pandemic Treaty and it contains demands for even more powers than the previous version. Slipped in at the eleventh hour, the new version (oddly numbered 'Zero') drawn-up by the unelected technocrats, includes the demand for greater surveillance powers over every country's sovereign citizens.

The treaty requires the WHO's 194 member states (which represent 98% of all the countries in the world) to strengthen their “One Health surveillance systems.”

One Health is a WHO system that claims to “optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems” and “uses the close, interdependent links among these fields to create new surveillance and disease control methods.” critics have already called the treaty "a massive 'land-grab'" as the WHO appears to be moving into other areas not directly related to health.

The One Health fact sheet points to Covid-19 as one of the main reasons for expanding its One Health approach and states that it “put a spotlight on the need for a global framework for improved surveillance.”

But now on top of this move into other areas of governance the draft treaty also orders WHO member states to strengthen surveillance functions for them claiming that the extra surveillance powers will help them investigation and control future pandemics through interoperable early warning and alert systems.

Most worrying of all is that it demands that states recognise the WHO as the “directing and coordinating authority on international health work, in pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems, and in convening and generating scientific evidence, and, more generally, fostering multilateral cooperation in global health governance.” Should another pandemic be called (they alone hold the power to call one) the WHO are likely to make lockdowns, vaccines and vaccine passports mandatory. During Covid the World Health Organisation repeatedly lauded China's response to the virus, urging countries to adopt China's pandemic model.

Opponents of the treaty say that it risks superseding many of the public health laws of 194 countries and that unelected technocrats should never decide sovereign public health policy.

The latest draft goes further in its demands to surveil people and is said to be linked to the World Economic Forum's Digital ID plan, where everyone on earth would have a single ID unique to them, for everything, from Social Media to online Banking and Health records.

If the WHO's pandemic treaty is passed, it will be adopted under Article 19 of the WHO Constitution — an article that allows the WHO to impose legally binding conventions on 194 member states if two-thirds of the member states representatives vote in favour of the conventions.

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