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If Lockdowns, Masks and Social Distancing Work, Why Haven’t Deaths From Flu and Pneumonia Declined?

It is, for the Government's 'pandemic' advisors, another glaringly obvious flaw in their theorems. This one proving Lockdowns, Masks AND Social Distancing DO NOT WORK. This is yet more evidence that shows the entire pandemic response has been an over-reaction that is destroying the economy and causing far more deaths than Covid-19 will ever do (estimated to be between 150,000 and 200,000 over the next 3 years) and now, on top of all this, proves to be a huge waste of time.

Like the massive (and ever increasing) chasm between 'tests' and deaths, data for seasonal flu appears to also stick out like a Bulldogs bollocks. Deaths from flu and pneumonia in 2020 were fractionally below normal rates at the beginning of the year and they’re fractionally below now, but have tracked the five-year average pretty consistently since January 1st. This begs the simple question: if the Government’s non-pharmaceutical interventions did little to stop transmission of flu and pneumonia, why should we think they’ve done anything to prevent the transmission of Covid-19?

The flu is a type of Coronavirus effecting the upper respiratory system transmitted by droplets expelled from the lungs in much the same way as Covid-19. They may not be exactly the same (so we are repeatedly told) but their similarity, particularly in transmission terms, mean that any and all, none-drug measures, MUST have the same or comparable outcomes on its spread. And don't let Whitty and Vallance tell you they are two different viruses and so can't be compared because the very data-model that they used to start all this (by Neil Ferguson) was designed for A FLU VIRUS, and you can't have it both ways.

The same point is illustrated by this graph, taken from a September 29th post on the Centre For Evidence-Based Medicine’s blog. It shows respiratory disease deaths continuing to trend under the previous 10 years.

A sharp-eyed reader of website Lockdown Sceptics spotted more anomalies and omissions with official data. They calculated the daily hospital discharges of Covid-19 patients and compiled a chart to illustrate it. This does come with a caveat, which is:

"It’s not perfect, I had to take the deaths data from NHS England as the deaths include deaths outside hospitals, and even then the results jumped around a bit – hence I’ve only plotted the 7-day averages on the graph, to smooth this out a bit. But as I often see people saying why don’t the govt publish the recoveries figures, this might be the next best thing. Especially as on every single day I have data for, the average discharges figure has always been above the average deaths figure – in the current “second wave you’re 6x as likely to be discharged as you are to die in hospital!"

This clearly shows that the narrative being pushed by the Government's scientific advisors is wrong. The lockdown didn't save 150,000 lives as Vallance claimed, as they were never in danger in the first place. Were there a deadly plague 'ripping through' the population draconian laws and mindless bureaucracy would not have stopped its spread, as the Flu and Pneumonia figures clearly show.

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