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Hypocrisy: Nadhim Zahawi Still In the Conservative Party, Whilst Andrew Bridgen is Kicked Out

One raised serious safety concerns whilst the other avoided paying millions in tax.

Two Conservative MPs hit the headlines at the same time; one for raising serious safety concerns over a drug given to millions of UK citizens, the other for being caught avoiding paying millions in Tax. One has been kicked out of the Conservative Party for his actions, whilst the other remains very much in it.

Andrew Bridgen tweeted:

"I was suspended from the Conservative Party for having serious concerns about the harm that [Covid] vaccines cause. Nadhim Zahawi has been fined for tax avoidance and breaking the ministerial code and he's still a Conservative MP.

Funny old world isn't it?"

Andrew Bridgen has become the target of a disinformation campaign by those within the Conservative party following his speech in Parliament raising concerns about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines. In the speech he read the testimony of a whistleblower who claimed that the British Heart Foundation had colluded with Pharmaceutical companies to cover-up the deaths caused by the jab.

A subsequent tweet where he used the word 'holocaust' was used as an excuse to suspend him from the party. The Whip was immediately removed, with the Party issuing a statement saying that Andrew Bridgen was suspended immediately, pending an investigation. Not an investigation into the safety issues of an untested drug and the excess deaths that followed, but if Andrew Bridgen was an 'anti-semite.'

In contrast to the way Andrew Bridgen has been treated, effectively kicked out of the party for going against 'the narrative', Nadhim Zahawi remains in the Conservative Party. Yes, he was sacked from his position as Party Chairman by Rishi Sunak, but he is not suspended, still takes the Conservative Whip and is unlikely to suffer any long-term repercussions.

Zahawi was vaccine minister in 2021 a position that should have seen him checking the safety and efficacy of the jab but he was too busy squirrelling away millions into tax-avoidance schemes for that.


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