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Here's Why RadioGenoa Has Gone Silent on 'X'

Radio Genoa s a popular X account with an audience of millions that showed videos of African migrants in Europe behaving in the most disturbing ways. The videos, running into the thousands, showed extreme violent behaviours of those entering Europe. The videos are real, filmed by users on mobile phones, are unedited, and have no commentary.

The ugly truth

Because the videos show the ugly truth about mass immigration, the twitter user became the target of both left-wing activists as well as authorities and an orchestrated campaign to take-down @radioGenoa saw hit pieces in the media, and a totally fictitious page on Wikipedia being published. Activists claimed that a pro-Russia 'disinformation network' were behind the page, this is of course totally untrue, the page is one man publishing videos that the MSM don't want you to see nothing more.

Raided by Police

However, as many Twitter users noticed @RadioGenoa has been silent since June 11th due to the author's house being raided by the police on June 13th. They took his phone, iPad, depriving him of access to his X and email accounts.

Antonio Mastantuono was doxxed by left-wing media on Dutch TV back in May. Since then, many left wing activists have been making false reports to the police about him to try to shut down his reports about the illegal migrants in Europe.

Accused of Racism and Nazism

The police investigation is said to be related to a Telegram channel that Antonio has no connection with. Someone created the Telegram channel and just used similar branding to piggyback off of @RadioGenoa. He is accused of racism and Nazism, none of which he does on his X account.

His lawyers have reviewed the case and tell him that they are just trying to intimidate @RadioGenoa into stop sharing videos on X related to the illegal migrant invasion of Europe.

Here is the link to a GoFundMe if you want to support @RadioGenoa in his fight to recover his devices and his access to his social media accounts.…

*we are unable to republish any of the videos but you can see them if you are a X user.


When an Algerian migrant ran amok in Dublin randomly stabbing children outside a school whilst shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Dubliners were rightfully outraged. But when those Dubliners wanted to vent that anger they were met with condemnation from Ireland's Taoiseach; Leo Varadkar.  Dubliners who protested online, and on the streets, were labelled 'far-right' and 'extremists' with authorities not only arresting protestors but ordering Social Media companies to silence any criticism of their country's immigration policy under the guise of 'hate speech'.

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