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Hancock Doesn’t Even Believe the Shit He’s Been Shovelling, So Why Should You?

Today’s Sun revelation that Matt Hancock doesn’t bother with social distancing when there’s fanny in the offing proves he no more believes the rubbish about killer viruses that he's been spouting any more than you or me.

Just think, for a moment, if he honestly believed any of the Covid lies that he has spouted over the last 18 months he wouldn't have broken the rules would he? Because breaking them would definitely have put his life at risk. That's exactly what he has expected us to believe, even though we've seen no evidence anywhere in our own lives, we are expected to take his word for it that the virus lurks in almost everyone, and social contact or any sort was forbidden in law to stop it. Single people have had the most stressful and loveless existence, couples not living together have gone without sex for 18 months, whilst thousands have not been able to hug their parents in care homes, or say goodbye to them in person as they died alone, yet Hancock, who devised the rules, threw them out the window when there was the prospect of a shag.

This, it will make you shudder to know, has been going on the entire time of lockdowns. So whilst the smug c*nt has been standing up telling us that we all must stay in our homes, where masks and not fraternise with anyone else, Hancock has been repeatedly hiding his chipolata in the lady garden of Gina Coladangelo. No wonder he always has a smirk on his face. Whilst he's been putting us all through hell, its business as usual for the jumped up little cockwomble.

The story is almost identical to that of Neil ferguson, another architect of the Lockdown (and mega c*nt) who also repeatedly told us that lockdowns and social distancing was the only thing that would stop us from dying from the Kunflu and all the time he was meeting his mistress for weekly shags. Note, he also always has a smirk on his face.

What today's Sun revelation really reveals is that the technocrats that have imposed the most ridiculous, unscientific and draconian laws in the past year don't think they apply to themselves. Whilst the mainstream media bang on about how this will affect his wife, how well he performed in bed and whether he gave PPE contracts to her family because she touched his cock the real story here is much bigger. Hancocks actions prove that he doesn't believe the myth of asymptomatic transmission. Let that sink in for a moment: the health secretary does not believe in one of the cornerstones of the pandemic. And if the Health Secretary doesn't, why the hell should we?

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jun 28, 2021

but Hancock can F--- the bitch yet tell children not to hug their grandparents. How can this idiot ever be trusted.

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