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'Hamas are Heroes' says UK 'Diversity Officer' in Sky News Broadcast

Muslims across Britain celebrate mass-murder of Jews.

Thousands of Muslims took to the streets of Britain to celebrate the mass-murder of Jews by Hamas on Saturday. Celebrations were held in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester as videos of Israeli citizens being kidnapped, raped, and murdered circulated online.

Chants of "Allahu Akbar" and "kill all Jews" were repeatedly heard as thousands of Muslims partied in the streets outside Mosques across Britain following news of the attacks flashed around the world.

Dana Abuqamar a Diversity Officer for Manchester University of Law, speaking to Sky News at a pro-Hamas event in Manchester, said: “We are full of pride. We are really, really full of joy (at) what has happened…. We are proud that Palestinian resistance has come to this point. "

An NHS Doctor, Mennah Elwan mocked Israeli festival-goers for fleeing Hamas, claiming on X that there are 'no civilians' in Israel and calling for the UK to 'forcibly remove the whole Israeli population.'

Her comments came as a wave of demonstrations kicked off in numerous U.K. cities from pro-Palestine supporters acting as apologists for Hamas. Some speakers held a rally outside the Labour party conference defending the terrorists’ incursion into Israel.

In response to footage of revellers running for their lives from the barbaric attack, Dr. Elwan questioned the behaviour those fleeing. Reposting a terrifying clip of people attempting to dash to safety at the Supernova Festival, which took place close to the Gaza Strip, she wrote: “If it was your home, you would stay and fight. You wouldn’t just run away.”

Egyptian-trained Dr. Elwan then closed off her statement with a smiley emoji.

Some are now calling for Elwan to be sacked from her highly paid NHS job together with her immediate deportation.

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The words ' scum ' and ' pond life ' don't begin to describe these people. I very much doubt if these pathetic excuses for human beings are ever prosecuted for ' hate speech '!

Getting sacked and deported should be the very least of that vile so called doctors problems. A life sentence in solitary on a mouldy bread and putrid water diet should be all she has to look forward to. that sad sack of shit in Manchester should suffer the same fate too.

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