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Guardian's Carole Cadwalladr Admits Lying About Russian Collusion In Brexit Campaign

Not obsessed at all, Carole Cadwalladr's Twitter profile

Carole Cadwalladr apologises for making false claims that Brexiteer Arron Banks “had been found to have broken the law” in his role as founder of the Leave.EU campaign, ahead of court case.

In a statement on twitter the rabid leftist claimed she accepted her tweet making this claim was false and said she had deleted it.

Cadwalladr states: On 22 Oct 2020, I tweeted that Arron had been found to have broken the law. I accept he has not. I regret making this false statement, which I have deleted. I undertake not to repeat it. I apologise to Arron for the upset and distress caused.

Cadwalladr is engaged in a legal dispute with Banks, who is suing her for defamation in the High Court. The case, which centres around allegations of foreign interference in the Leave Campaign, first appeared before the court last December. Banks has since dropped two elements of his claim, but continues to pursue damages over a Ted Talk in April last year given by Cadwalladr and a tweet from her account linking to the talk, posted in June of 2019.

Ruling on the meaning of the words in the Ted Talk and related tweet, Mr Justice Saini said they meant: “On more than one occasion Mr Banks told untruths about a secret relationship he had with the Russian Government in relation to acceptance of foreign funding of electoral campaigns in breach of the law on such funding.”

Cadwalladr attempted to plant a seed of doubt over the Vote Leave campaign. She'd seen how the same lie had so very nearly brought down Donald Trump and cynically thought that the same accusation could bring down Vote Leave. Arron Banks was merely collateral damage in her plan.

After she made the claim, other media outlets ran with the fabricated story like is was fact. Channel 4's Cathy Newman, herself a poor excuse for a journalist, repeatedly attacked Banks in a subsequent interview whilst the BBC and most other propaganda organisations touted the story as if factual without asking Cadwalladr for the proof of her accusations.

Unbelievably, despite being the culprit here Cadwalladr has tried to play the victim. On her crowdfunding page, Cadwalladr said Banks was “targeting me as an individual I believe to deliberately intimidate me”, and said she is “fighting back” and intended “to build the strongest defence possible”.

In a tweet following her now deleted post, she said: “…I do literally face losing my home because of the state of Britain’s libel laws.”


The UK’s Electoral Commission found Leave.EU had breached electoral spending rules during the EU Referendum campaign, but the Met Police described these as “technical breaches” and said there was “insufficient evidence to justify any further criminal investigation”.

The UK’s National Crime Agency said it had found "no evidence of criminal activity carried out by Leave.EU or Banks"

Cadwalladr was the left wing journalist who didn't let her ignorance over Facebook's business model stop her from imagining that some huge conspiratorial agenda was being carried out when she claimed Cambridge Analytica, in conclusion with Facebook, had 'fixed' the US election. In reality, Facebook, like all social media companies business model is to sell your data for targeted advertising, her shock at this fact showing just how painfully thick she truly is.

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