BBC Brexit Bias will signal end of licence fee

It was clearly a miserable day for EU loving staff at BBC news. Their sadness at Britain leaving the European Union was there for all to see. Every news article, every Brexit special was filled with Remoaners, still trotting out the same old arguments, tropes and dogmas. Whilst they treated leave voters like a strange alien race who they could not understand, Remainers were sympathised with, as if they were victims of some terrible injustice, which is exactly what the BBC think they are. Leave voters were invited on ‘for balance’ but were challenged and ridiculed whilst Remoaners were given an easy ride.

The coverage of Britain leaving the EU was filled with a potted history and leftist slants, whilst each news presenter talked of ‘holding the government to the promises they made’ and talking of an ‘uncertain future’ which was as near as they could come to positivity for Brexit.

Correspondents were at a deserted road on the Irish border and Gibraltar’s border with Spain, the EU parliament in Brussels , and a protest outside the Scottish Parliament. There was a brief look at the Brexit Celebrations in Parliament Square but none of the speakers were broadcast. It looked like the days of Gerry Adams speeches during the 80s. This is where the biggest lie of the night came from, when Katya Adler claimed there were “about a thousand people” on Parliament Square when clearly, as Darren Grimes’ video shows, there were easily ten times that.

Most telling of all was the exclusion of Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation on the historic day. Rather, the BBC’s ‘Brexit special’, replete with EU flag backdrop, played a ‘tribute’ film to the European Project, reminiscent of a Hollywood awards show featuring ‘those we’ve lost this year’.

The BBC failed to give anything like a balanced view, even on the day of Brexit itself, or even provide any coherent piece on why we were leaving; the bribery and corruption, the anti-democratic mechina, the huge powers with no unaccountable, the erasure of country identities, or the formation of a Soviet-style Union. No, because the BBC don’t believe any that. The BBC play the game of labelling anything they don’t like as ‘fake news’. Calling in ‘independent Think-Tanks’ that are really left-leaning activists to trot-out tired old tropes fools no-one.

For a long time now the BBC have behaved like they are not accountable to the people. They would do well to remember they are. They are public servants, whose charter talks of entertaining and educating. But their idea of education is only that of leftist propaganda. The things ‘they’ believe in. The things that interest ‘them’. Usually these are a preoccupation with LGBTQ Rights, identity politics and Apocalyptic hysteria.

Their decision to make everyone pay the same licence fee, including those over 75, (a true Marxist idea if ever there was one) outraged the public. But it was the BBC’s behaviour over Brexit that so angered Boris Johnson and raised the question of the Licence fee again.

The BBC clearly favoured the 48%. yet 100% of voters pay the licence fee, and insulting the other 52% isn’t a good longterm strategy. Worst still, every other area of the BBC, not just News and current affairs, were entirely anti-Brexit too. Comedy shows , on every BBC channel, were infested with left-wing ‘clapter comedians’, whose entire routines were basically one joke: “aren’t leave voters thick!” For three and a half years. They were neither funny, nor clever. Comedians like Nish Kumar whose half hour show ‘The Daily Mash’ every week was 30 minutes of insulting Brexiteers, all delivered in a smug, self-congratulatory way, whilst the left-wing audience clapped at the clever observation “Brexit voters ARE thick”. It was an insult to both Comedy and Brexit voters.

Why should Brexit voters pay to be insulted exactly? Are there any other institutions able to demand money, on threat of prison, only to use that money for pet-projects like Trans rights, whilst insulting the majority of the populous to boot?