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'GPS Tracking of Brits to Ensure COVID Compliance' Says MP Jeremy Hunt

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt has called for the government to use China style GPS tracking technology to ensure Brits are complying with COVID quarantine measures.

The UK Government increasingly believe that the public are not obeying Covid-19 restrictions and ignoring quarantine and lockdown instructions, fuelled by the news networks and social media.

According to former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, this behavior is responsible for spreading the infection and is now calling on the government to use surveillance technology to ensure that a compliance rate of 95% is achieved.

Hunt demanded, “Daily contact with those asked to self-isolate – using GPS tracking to monitor compliance if necessary as happens in Taiwan and Poland. People need to know how much this matters and if we cannot persuade them to comply at the outset we should keep trying.”

Hunt neglected to mention where this technology is used most, that of China, where it's 'Social Credit Score' monitoring system tracks everyone's locations, movements, friendships and online activities.

As we previously reported, the technology to do this was already integrated into the Government's track and trace system, and would just be a case of them switching it on. The idea that a government is assuming everyone is guilty, and therefore must be monitored at all times, has angered privacy and civil-rights groups but it is likely that this type of system will get approval as the majority of the public are still clamouring for even more authoritarianism to stop the virus.

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