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Government Will Impose Christmas Lockdown Even Though Omicron is Cold Virus

Because it's not about the virus, it's about power and control.

Yesterday's press-briefing was the biggest evidence yet that this is not about a virus. As Chris Whitty tried to Gaslight the public by giving an apocalyptic warning about Omicron Britain's watched in horror, and increasing anger, at the blatancy of the lies.

Despite Chris Whitty's theatrics, Omicron it is not the end of the world. It is, in fact a harmless common cold, and what is more, Whitty, Vallance and the rest of SAGE know perfectly well that it is.

Here are the facts:

Omicron is the Common Cold virus.

'US Scientists have discovered that Omicron, flagged as a 'variant of concern' and used as justification for Medical Apartheid has, in fact, mutated into the common cold.'

Nobody has died from Omicron anywhere in the World.

The European Centre for Disease Control has not reported a single death from Omicron and only 348 'cases' (detection by PCR) for the entire panic.

Cases are either mild or non-existent.

Even The World Health Organisation has said that Omicron cases are 'asymptomatic or people with mild symptoms.'

And yet, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the totalitarian government has set us on the slow march to a second Christmas lockdown. Just as they did in 2020, the gradual increasing of fear is being planted in the media and successive tightening of restrictions as we approach the big day. Reports out of Whitehall suggest that Boris Johnson will cancel Christmas on the 19th of December, the very same day that he did last year.

Even the most gullible must surely now realise that this has all been a hoax. The Government continue to 'save' its people from a killer plague in exactly the same way that Kim Jong-un heroically saves the people of North Korea from the US invading.

Finally, the mainstream media are beginning to question why the Government's actions have little or anything to do with a killer plague. But this is too little, too late.

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Philip Davies
Philip Davies
Dec 09, 2021

Are Western leaders under instruction by a rising China to reduce all our countries to insignificance, thus granting world dominance to the People's Liberation Army? Was a convincing and terrifying threat covertly issued? - Was some message received such as, 'Capitulate, or face annhilation by swarms of our new and unstoppable hypersonic nuclear missiles.'?

Certainly, an external force majeure of some kind, of an enormity that has to be shrouded from the public gaze to avoid mass panic, must exist, as surely nothing less can explain the sudden extreme and seemingly crazy behaviour of our politicians. The coronavirus is no longer sufficient reason for all this self-destruction. It may be that the Covid plague is merely just the 'fig-leaf' that…

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