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Government Warned of “Civil Unrest” When People Become Unable to Pay Energy Bills

Britain could well be nearing its "poll-tax moment" over energy bills.

Energy executives in the UK have warned the government that the country faces the prospect of mass civil unrest as a result of people being unable to afford their heating and electricity bills this winter.

The government is being pushed to provide “radical” COVID-style bailouts for small businesses which face total ruination as a result of soaring energy costs.

“Energy company bosses have warned ministers they fear civil unrest if nothing is done to cushion the blow of rising bills,” reports the Telegraph. One senior industry figure said that when people “realize how bad this is going to get,” they could take their anger to the streets in the form of violent demonstrations.

This is not the only quarter that is warning of civil unrest. Energy campaigners have been warning that millions won't be able to pay their bills and civil unrest is on the horizon as a result.

Despite the warnings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to insist that Brits should maintain their support for ‘the current thing’ – by prolonging the war in Ukraine. “We also know that if we’re paying in our energy bills for the evils of Vladimir Putin, the people of Ukraine are paying in their blood,” said Johnson.

However, unlike most of Europe and the US, the CZECH president has been much more honest about the real reasons for the Energy Crisis: He blames “Green Madness” for the Energy Crisis, and warned that the abolition of cars with internal combustion engines will only prolong the agony.

Zeman said the primary cause of the crisis was not the Ukraine war, but “green fanaticism” that has left European countries dependent on energy sources that cannot meet demand.

“Whether it’s called the Green Deal or whatever, I’m afraid. However, I won’t be here anymore when we find out where the green madness will take us,” said Zeman.

“The abolition of cars with internal combustion engines will lead to the advent of far more demanding electromobility. The biggest consumers of electricity will be electric cars with a short range and a high price,” he added.


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